digital scrapping what?!?

In case you are just discovering the world of digital scrapbooking...here is the “condensed” version :) Digi scrapping is basically the same thing as paper scrapping...only you create your layouts on your computer using software. The software varies...from the simple to the super complex...and from the inexpensive to the very expensive. Just like you go to your local scrapbooking store to purchase supplies...computer scrappers go to online stores and purchase their digital supplies (papers, eyelets, tags, ribbons and pretty much everything you would see in a “real” store”). We then use our software to place everything where we see fit on the page...and then have the option to either print...or just let it sit on our hard drive or a CD.

If you are just starting on a digi scrapping adventure...the best advice I can give i to visit
www.scrapbook-bytes.com - the site is loaded with advice and tutorials (not to mention inspiration) for many different software options and more. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY - have fun…and remember – the DELETE key is your best friend!

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