will to win: pacquiao vs barrera

I was checking my mail when these cool nike ads popped out. Astig!!! But my favorite is the one that's in Tagalog. Love it, love it, love it!

In last night's press conference, Barrera seemed so confident in saying he'll beat the Pambansang Kamao because this is going to be his last fight. Yep, he will be retiring after this rematch. When Pacquiao spoke, he was so honest in saying he was nervous. Oh-oh. Why did I get nervous too? For sure, this is going to be a boxing match worth watching.

Expect the whole country tuned in on Saturday's (Sunday in Pinas) fight. As the commercial says, it's a match between The Legend --- Marco Antonio Barrera and The Legend Killer --- Manny Pacquiao. Go Pacman!

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