cheers to the finest filipino videographers

Filipino videographers are getting much fame and glory in international contests these days. Just 2 months ago in Orlando, Florida, the finest Filipino videographers won 13 awards in the WEVA Expo 2008 in different categories. Imagine the likes of Jason Magbanua and Bob Nicolas competing with renowned videographers from various states in America. Wow, that really is something to rave about.

Among al the videos I've seen I adore the ones Mayad Studios made. My jaw fell while watching their videos. I can't even describe to you how they take and edit their works. No words can ever describe it. The gliding, drama, poetic words and moving music. You may view Mayad Studios' videos HERE. Feel like checking out the other videographers who won? Click THIS and see the categories and the couples' names.

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Wow! this site has a nice template that makes me feel bubbly and light. I love the font. I also love the muzik! =p