praying for our own home

It is every couple's dream to have their own home.

For a couple of months now, my husband and I have been comparing our finances with our future plans. Being married for a year and three months now, most of our friends can't help but ask when are we going to have our first child. To this standard question, our reply would always be... well, standard too! "We'll get there maybe in 2 years. For now, we're planning and working on our own home first".

I am a frequent visitor of developer websites. I can say that searching for a home can be a tough job, especially with such a variety of choices. But being exposed to various types of residential properties is a big help because you get to familiarize yourself to the different amenities offered by each developer.

My husband and I came to realize that what we really want is a single-detached house with a small garden where we can entertain visitors and have a cook-out. We are open to even checking out foreclosed properties, provided isn't occupied and is in good living condition. We're looking at Antipolo because we both love its cool breeze at night and the lush greenery (I hope it stays that way even during the time of our grandchildren).

Thinking of interior decorating our dream home keeps my eyes sparkle. I know in God's time, we'll finally find the house we are praying for. In the meantime, my husband and I are on our knees as we fervently pray for it each night in our rented unit.


Joanne MV said...

Good luck Jan! That's my dream as well. ULTIMATE DREAM to be exact ;)

Let's keep on praying and believeing that we can achieve it :)

jan celiz-magtoto said...

@joanne: kaya natin yan. we just have to be more patient in waiting and praying for it. we can't just settle for whatever comes first. goodluck to both of us!

The Wifey Diaries said...

same here... been praying to own a house/home that we can really call our own. We have also been praying for a baby as well. Happy weekend, Jan!