the wedding consultant

How would you like this invading the wedding industry?

I was helping a colleague learn how to create digital scrapbooks and we ended up discussing her wedding preparations. Marissa, our Music teacher is getting married August next year. She began consulting me about wedding details. Just an hour before her, I was reminding Olive, another soon to wed friend, stuff to consider in getting married. In the middle of all these chats, these girls started telling me, "Ms. Jan! You really are the official wedding consultant of Reedley! You can even make it as your business!" I ended up replying, "Yeah, great idea. Grab my labor while it's free!"

And then ideas of putting up a part-time events planning business came up. With an ability in audio-visual presentation, a little familiarity on photography and a lot about events planning, these friends of mine thought this idea would be realistic in a year if we would be serious about it. With their gifts of wit and singing, Olive says she and her fiance can do the rest of the job.

Just dreaming. Who knows this might come alive next year. Right, Joanne?


Joanne MV said...

Go girl! I've been an making extra as well as part of a wedding coordinating group. Former W@Wie din yung head coordinator...hehehe.

Pero I might retire for the meantime though I haven't told her yet about my plan...hehehe.

jan celiz-magtoto said...

talaga joanne? baka i can sub for you! how do you guys do it --- i mean is there like a regular meeting or you guys are just on-call if there's an upcoming event?

Joanne MV said...

If there are new members, the head coordinator calls for a meeting. Since I'm with them for more than a year, tinatawagan na lang ako if I'm available or not para isama nila sa weddings.

I still have to inform Camz about my plan to "resign"...hehehe

Joanne MV said...

Sure sis! :) Taga-san ka nga pala? Qc area ka ba sis?

Rocks said...

uy! can I join too? :)

Suzanne said...

Yeah, GO JAN!! You are not only good with photography and layout and audio-visual thingy but you also have the HEART to help and make THE DAY be more special. We may not have met yet but I can sense your sincerity and kindness. ;) For sure, your future clients will not only find a reliable consultant but more importantly, a lifetime friend!