search for the secret scroll

It finally happened. Our Lower School Department had the highly anticipated Show and Tell.

With this year having a theme of Dreams and Fantasies, the Lee Kuan Yew Hall was decorated with peripherals related to Fantasia. Our students had to go through a lot of stages before they came up with their speech. Just like how we are trained, our students began with their pre-writing sessions, first and second drafts and the proper way of delivering their speeches. The kids did a superb job! There were minor bloopers but in general, they all made their parents absolutely proud of them as they all delivered above what was expected of them in their Search for the Secret Scroll.

Photos of the Show and Tell may be viewed HERE courtesy of Ms. Soriano. And this is ME in the TechBooth! Here's a video I made of the story plot.


abie said...

ang galing naman nito sis..how i wish i can afford to send my daughter to your school.

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