his own place

My husband finally has his own place in the blogosphere. And yet, he still tries to be discreet about it. You might be wondering why. Well, he tells me not to disclose his site yet as he has only 2 posts as of this time.

His blog will mainly be about our country --- politics, business and crime. I kept warning him not to be too aggressive in his posts. Although I know he'll write whatever comes up in his mind (and in his heart) especially when rage fills him while watching the news.

I know some of you are uhmm... excited (if I may use that term) to read my husband's sharp-witted thoughts. I'm trying to convince him to let you guys peek into his space this week. Just a little more convincing and I know he'll surely give in. In the meantime, on top of this post is a screenshot of his blog.

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