food for the soul 08.2009

If a sport’s team did not have the dedication and will to prepare for games and practice to continuously improve, they wouldn’t have a chance. We can use this same thinking toward everyday life. If we do not spend the necessary time developing our foundation, we will never be able to reap the benefits of having a life of purpose. Creating a foundation is one of the core principles of the SparkPeople System for this reason. It is so important to start small and slowly move in the right direction, rather than start huge, fail, and give up. -SPARKPEOPLE

Start small and slowly move in the right direction rather than huge, fail and give up. I had to repeat that line over and over again because it made me hopeful of business plans I have in mind. I refuse to elaborate on it for now. Allow me to be secretive. But in a few months, on its kick-off day, the blogosphere will definitely be informed.

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Suzanne said...

Hmmm... Ano kaya ito? Sounds exciting, Jan! Can't wait! Good luck and I pray for your success. :)