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Nearing the first week of the Beijing Olympics, our country is still far from getting even a bronze medal. Last night, I nearly cried as I watched our boxer Harry Tanamor lose to his opponent. I don't care if I appear too patriotic or overacting. But I honestly pity our athletes, really. I think the Philippine Sports Commission authorities should sit together and brainstorm on how they can improve our sports program.

Our last hopes, for at least an Olympic medal, are our 2 taekwo
ndo jins -- Toni Rivero and Tshomlee Go. They will be competing on Tuesday. Let's all hope they bring home even a bronze medal.

And so, let me hear your ideas on this week's topic.


Rhea said...

Hi Jan,

I think unlike in other countries, athletes are well-supported by their governments. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for our own athletes since the Philippines has more important matters to address particularly poverty. I know some athletes even fund for their own training.

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Herson Juego said...

Gloria promised P14M to the athlete who can bag the country's first gold. That was well and good, except for one thing.

She has all the guts to make that promise, and now that things aren't as bright for this country in the Beijing Olympics, would she even bother to just shell-out that millions and donate it, give it, or whatever way she wants to call it, to the training facilities, PSC and other sports programs that we barely have.

theworkingmom said...

My answer here. Thanks! :)


Joanne MV said...

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Paul and Toni said...

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Princess Vien said...

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