shun the red list

The Red List is a new way of promoting cigarettes through the internet by Philip Morris. Now that it is confirmed they are the one sponsoring the Eraserheads Reunion concert, tobacco control advocates are discouraging the band from accepting the million-peso offered concert.

If you visit the tobacco company's website, you will be asked to register (they said if you would, you'll get free tickets for the much-awaited concert). However, according to the
Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Alliance Philippines (FCAP), this is a violation of R.A. 9211(an act regulating packaging, use,
sale distribution, and advertisements of tobacco products). In laymen's term, it is a law prohibiting tobacco advertisements both in the internet and media. The Department of Health (DOH) has warned Philip Morris they will be charged criminally if the Eraserheads concert pushes through.

With all these hullabaloo, I get a clearer picture why until now, there has been no definite news where and when one can get concert tickets. Come to think of it... it really would look like the band is promoting the tobacco company if the concert pushes through. And watching it, despite it being a once in a lifetime show, would appear you are advocating the use of cigarettes.

Hmm... Now I don't feel excited anymore. Read this article by Carlos Conde of GMA News.

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