olympic gold medal fades for philippines

As Tshomlee Go, our first of 2 Taekwondo jins, lost to his Australian opponent Ryan Carneli, our bid for our first olympic medal, unfortunately, fades.

With today's much-awaited olympic game ending with a final score set at 2-0, our Filipino jin scoring nothing, the nation is up on its toes complaining Go wasn't given scores for his ax kick and 2 45 kicks. Monsour Del Rosario was even vocal enough to admit he is close to having an outburst for not counting Go's kicks.

To this yet again unfavorable olympic incident, this is what my husband has to say:

"Talo kung talo. What sore losers our jins are. They should've expected. Plus, have they forgotten that sports are NOT only about winning but also gracefully losing and proudly accepting defeat to a better opponent? Tsk tsk tsk..."

Our country losing is not about us being a small nation. It's about us pooling all our resources, our youth's talents and skills to be better equipped in international competitions. It's not about us doing good in Taekwondo. It's about us doing good in every other sports. It's not about us creating noise the judges were biased against us. It's about us standing still and looking at our sports program, bird's eye view.

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