scrapping myself on my birthday

30 is such a big number. Especially for women. And this Sunday, I am turning 30 . Yep. A year older. Another bright new year to straighten out my ways. Another refreshing year to make new commitments. Another brilliant year to create lasting memories. Another glorious year to touch, encourage and inspire people.

And since it's my birthday, allow me to be narcissistic. I made a scrap of myself with a title saying Still Blooming at 30. Before you throw chairs at me, let m
e tell you that it came from my officemates! Well, they were surprised when I told them my age. They went on telling me that they thought I was between 26-28. Oooh, they are sooo kind! Tee-hee!

So, what are my birthday plans? I initially wanted to have a party in my mom's resthouse in Pampanga, invite my in-laws, friends and officemates. But since I got sick and I had tons of counseling sessions to do, I failed to plan out for the party. Instead, hubby and I will simply go to my in-laws tonight until tomorrow for a pre-birthday dinner. And on Sunday, after attending Bo Sanchez's The Feast, we'll go to my family's house. I'll cook spaghetti and make a ref cake for them. I heard my mom and brother will cook something too!

So there. A simple celebration worth a lifetime of memories!


Joanne MV said...

Advance Happy Birthday JAN! More blessings and a good health for you :)

myls said...

happy birthday jan! :) you are indeed blooming! :) God bless, mwah!

theworkingmom said...

Belated happy birthday, Jan! You're officemates are right! You don't look 30 at all! :)