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I have confessed to the blogosphere how much of a fan I am of food. However, when it comes to recommending restaurants, it would take me a month before I could make a shortlist of my I-wanna-dine-here restaurants. Yeah, I know. I started the discussion in last week's coffee break and I can't even answer it. Poor me!

Don't throw stones at me! Throw me a pesto bread from Pan De Manila instead! (That's currently my favorite snack!) Why? Because I found an article on the top 10 must-dine-in restaurants in our country. These are not my list, okay. But since this guy has such a credibility in the blogosphere, I absolutely trust his instinct (and taste buds!). I'm talking about Anton Diaz. Here's his list!

1. Kubli Springs @ Kinabuhayan Cafe, Dolores, Quezon
2. Antonio's, Tagaytay
3. Ugu Bigyan, Tiaong, Quezon
4. Isla Naburot, Guimaras Island
5. La Cocina De Tita Moning's, Manila
6. Kusina Salud, San Pablo Laguna
7. Vieux Chalet, Antipolo
8. Claude Tayag's Bale Dutung, Pampanga
9. Charley's Lipa City, Batangas
10. Entalula Island El Nido, Palawan

Reading his article HERE certainly made me hungry. I do hope I could try a plate on all of these places! My husband and I might probably try La Cocina and Vieux Chalet soon since it's within the metro. Next month, maybe? Yum yum yum.

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myls said...

ei jan!:) la cocina sounded familiar and i remembered my friend blogged about it recently. check it out here:


alam mo ba, pareho kayo niyang friend ko na 'yan. scrapper din siya, tapos mahilig din mag-take ng photos. we started to become friends when we realized that we were both carrying tripods when we met in malaysia. haha! wala lang. :)