eraserheads reunion concert

Excited? That's an understatement! My
husband and I are ecstatic!

It was all over the internet. And it was confirmed by the Eraserheads frontman Ely Buendia during an interview with GMA News that there is indeed a reunion concert. After 6 long years, we will finally get to see them playing one music for a one-night only reunion concert. Rumor has it that each member gets as much as 10 million for their 45-minute show. Whoa!

It was said that by August 01, tickets will be released via the internet for free, to fans above 18 years old. But it's the 5th of August already and no updates yet where we can get the tickets. Is it even true that Marlboro is the unnamed tobacco company sponsoring the concert? La lala lala... I am getting impatient already!

What: Eraserheads Reunion Concert
When: August 30, 2008
Where: CCP Grounds


sendzki said...

this should be exciting but i couldn't be there huhu

hector_olympus said...

yeah, the rumors are true- Philip Morris (Marlboro manufacturer) is the BIG sponsor of this event.

talks, however, have it that this a "promotional event" done by PM which violates the new Ad Ban on tobaccos starting july 01, 2008.

more details: