on my 30th year

I woke up with a kiss on a cold Sunday morning. And a whispered confession of love.

Beginning my day with a Holy Mass to thank the Lord for 30 glorious years of existence, I spent the rest of the day with my husband and family by painting memories. Right after the mass at the EDSA Shrine, hubby and I went straight to my mama's house in Mandaluyong. I cooked spaghetti for them. Although they were surprised I now know how to cook pasta, I was more surprised to realize they prepared more than I expected! Mama prepared Menudo, Arroz Valenciana and Buko Salad while my brother grilled some fresh Tilapia and a whole of Tuna! And then my sisters bought a gallon of ice cream and Red Ribbon's Marjolaine!

Birthdays are truly special. Just when I thought the celebration was over, yesterday, my officemates surprised me with a belated birthday surprise! They bought a cake with my face on it and boxes of empanada courtesy of Red Ribbon! (Ooh, they must have earned a lot because of my birthday!) Not to mention last Friday's surprise KFC lunch from my boss and teammates!

Dear Lord... I thank you for another glorious year. I thank you for my loving husband, my supportive family and my dear friends. May I be your instrument as I strive to touch, encourage and inspire other people's lives. This I ask in Jesus' name. Amen.


Joanne MV said...

Wow! Your a LEO like me Ü Belated ulit!

Jan I have a queation, where do you get the scrapbook kits? Yung free lang po ha? Pa-share naman po ng sites...

Thankies! Mwah!

Suzanne said...

Belated happy birthday, Jan!! Glad to know it was a blast!