monday madness

Our weekend was a truly relaxing one! By popular demand, I cooked Filipino Style Spaghetti for lunch last Saturday. We attended Bo Sanchez' The Feast Sunday morning. When we got home, my husband prepared pancakes filled with an ample amount of maple syrup for breakfast! And in the lazy afternoons of Saturday and Sunday, we were both snoring as we enjoyed our nap. Last night, while we were watching the Olympic games, my husband gave me a full body massage and it put me to sleep!

So why did I call this post Monday Madness? Because I feel so sleepy and sick today. Monday madness it is. I had such a relaxing weekend I didn't want the new work week to start. Tsk tsk tsk... Lazy. I really am. I'm looking forward to this long weekend. That wouldbe 2 additional breaks for me. Monday, August 18, was declared a non-working holiday in celebration of Ninoy Aquino's death anniversary. And Tuesday, the 19th of August, is another day-off for me because it's Quezon City day.

Oh, long weekends. I just love them.

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