the birth of a new blog

I know this would make me look like a geek but what the heck. This morning, I was reading a book on idiomatic expressions.
I came across the phrase a slice of the cake. Although the idiom meant sharing something, my mind was flooded with food and restaurant thoughts. And a brilliant idea popped in my head. Why don't I start a blog about food!

Although I don't look like a happy eater because of my skinny frame, dudes, I am telling you... I am! I would rather spend on food than go to a movie house. I would rather buy food than purchase a new bag. I would rather give in to my craving than buy a a new cellphone. Gone are the days when I was a slave of new gadgets and signature clothes. This time around, I am a fan of food!

And thus came the birth of my new blog which I call a slice of the cake. Like the meaning it evokes, this blog aims to share with the blogosphere every stuff related to food. Blogmates, drum roll please! I humbly invite you to view my new project. Welcome to the blogosphere baby!

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