caught the flu

I did. And I was in bed for 4 cruel days. How I hate to be sick! I had no appetite. I had colds. I had cough. And the fever didn't want to leave me behind. Cruel, cruel days.

The only thing I liked about getting sick was seeing and feeling how much my husband loves me. He'd come home with a basket of fruits. Apples. Banana. Oranges. Mango. There was pizza and bowls of soup too. He made sure I drank my meds on time. He kept monitoring my temperature too. And to top it all, because I couldn't take a shower yet, he always made sure to wipe me with an ice, cold towelette. It was really sweet of him.

And because he made me feel like his spoiled baby, it's payback time. I have come up with ideas to "pay it forward". It's time to "baby" him! And how sweet the timing is. This week, we are celebrating our first wedding anniversary!

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