pamper your mama

Honestly, I have failed to do that my whole 29 years of
existence. And last Saturday, as mama celebrated her 65th birthday, my husband and I weren't around again. We only followed them to Subic the next day.

Gino and I have seen how her eyes smiled the moment she saw us in our rented unit at Subic Homes. Especially when I gave her our gift. My ate whispered to me how glad mama was to see us there. Yet, as we drove home, I still had a guilty feeling of not being able to make her feel special. And as I reflected, I felt how much I failed to return all the love and care she has given me my whole life. And this morning, this LINK I got in my email stirred my soul more. Right after viewing it, I called my husban
d right away and told him of my plan. I thought of treating mama over lunch this Saturday.

Being a Kapampangan,
without thinking twice, I knew right away where to bring her. Where else but Mangan! Mama is picky on what she eats. She doesn't like gourmet foods or anything Italian or Oriental. But she would definitely love something native. Something that would remind her of her home. And Mangan will surely be able to do that.

Ssshh. She doesn't know this yet. I asked my brother to bring her to Robinson's Galleria on Saturday. "Tell her you need to show her something...", I told my bro. I can't wait to see mama's reaction!

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