in need of a passport

I need one.

I am being offered by our school to attend a seminar in Singapore from August 31-September 06. It's a life-changing offer and I gladly accepted it. However, with the minor error in my birth certificate, I don't think I can get a passport.

My husband, who for the longest time have been telling me to fix my birth certificate, reprimanded me. I know. The seminar is an opportunity I shouldn't miss. We both know it's a career growth for me. But what do I do now? Time is not on my side. The National Statistics Office said it will take them 6 months to correct my birth certificate.

Yesterday, I was told that the school will try to fix my problem. Our school lawyer will help me out with my birth certificate's typographical error (a simple misplaced spacing in my name) with an affidavit. If an affidavit will not be accepted, then I guess the seminar isn't for me yet. Next year, maybe. And I promise to fix, I mean really fix, the error in my birth certificate.

Updates will be posted soon!


myls said...

darn, 6 months??? super tagal naman! uurong lang nila yung letters diba??? hehe. good luck jan! sometimes, the system really sucks. :(( mwah!

Princess Vien said...

ei there.. check out my new blog..



Suzanne said...

Naku! What's the update on this na? I hope your school's lawyer can really help. Pero you are right, if it is not your time to attend pa, then there are better seminars and opportunities coming your way.

And yes, you have to really FIX that BC soon!

I wish you the best, Jan!

Mayet said...

Hi!!I also had a problem with my b.certificate--my father's surname was listed under another name, meaning instead for example of Mr. D he was Mr. F and at that time I really need to get my passport. Fortunately, our registrar officer was able to help me. I have waited less than 6 months. :)