lifehouse mania in manila

We were there! The loud applause. The noisy crowd. The lights moving with the music. It was a moment my husband and I will always remember!

We arrived just in time as the concert started half past 8. The crowd started shrieking the minute Jason Wade and his group went on stage. Of course I was part of that noisy audience. I was even standing up the most part of the 1 hour plus plus show! The crowd went wild when Lifehouse sang their hits like Hanging by a Moment, Broken, First Time, Spin, Where You Are, Blind, Simon and of course... You and Me. I wanted to take a video of the concert but, sitting at the Upper Box, the band looked liked midgets in the LCD of my camera. Thanks to Youtube though. Here's Jason singing our wedding song.

I hope this isn't their first and last visit in our country. My husband and I wish to see more of them soon!

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Jim, Kai and Waki said...

galing nga ng lifehouse. sila special guest nung trade launch namin. kaso bitin 4 songs lang kinanta nila = )