my birth certificate issues

And so I say goodbye to attending our training in Singapore. I was right after all. It really will take the National Statistics Office 6 months to alter my birth certificate.

Despite all the suggestions I had from my concerned friends and blogmates, the truth remains the same. Its a new and stricter procedure. No affidavits honored. The answer is Republic Act 9048. In simpler words, file a petition for correction of typographical error or change of first name. The blame still goes back to me. For not being responsible enough to fix it all this time.

So there goes the story of my birth certificate. As I say goodbye to the Kagan Seminar, I also say goodbye to the Great Singapore Sale 2008. But wait! Come to think of it. I can ask my friends to buy stuff for me! Oh dear. Such a clever idea! (C'mon, let me do this... I am processing myself..)

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