celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary

We initially planned on going to Boracay (which explains our 2-day leave from work, Thursday & Friday). And then we thought of just splurging on food and ending the day with a much-needed spa. At the end of all the planning and spa-searching in the metro, Gino and I ended up malling, eating a big meal at Burgoo and watching every DVD we have at home.

I started the day preparing breakfast quietly. I didn't want to wake him up and spoil my surprise for him. I cooked fried rice, crunchy corned beef, egg and prepared some cold lemonade. As soon as I woke him up, I gave him my gift --- a Nike polo shirt. He looked liked a kid stomping his feet on the bed out of excitement! And then he said he would appreciate any shirt from me, that it didn't have to be a branded one. There, his being kuripot at its finest! But however kuripot he is, the night before our anniversary, he hugged me and handed out our tickets for Lifehouse's concert at the Big Dome on July 26. I can't wait for them to sing our wedding song entitled You and Me. (It's playing now!)

Next to our first meal as husband and wife, which happened on the day we got married, our Burgoo meal is the sweetest. I automatically doodled on the given sheet and crayons. And voila! I made us a caricature! Well, yeah it was just stick figures but hey... I made much of an effort drawing that. Hubby liked it and couldn't stop himself taking pictures of it. We even wanted to bring it home but it was filled with pasta already!

It was a simple celebration, really. We began the day with a prayer and ended with one too. And deep in our hearts, we thanked the Big Guy up there for giving us strength and keeping us safe and sane from all the struggles and trials. We thanked Him for th big surprises. But we thanked Him more for the tiniest blessings He showered on us everyday.

For my blogmates who sent us greetings, big thankies to you all! Count with us as we share more years together!

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Suzanne said...

Aaaww... How sweet, Jan! Happy anniversary again!!

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