when the soul gets thirsty

There comes a time in our lives when our souls get thirsty. People respond to this thirst
in various ways. Some individuals listen to soulful music. While others read biblical and inspirational articles. I have friends who prefer to attend retreats and renewal gatherings. And I know of people who need just some time in solitude.

I quench my thirst in several ways. I would sometimes look at a photo that manifests the feeling of serenity. I would also say a short prayer. At times, I would simply sit still and listen to my heartbeat. I would also sometimes listen to the raindrops. It makes me calm appreciating the simplest things we don't usually notice.

Yesterday, during a meeting, I read a thought provoking line written in my planner. In that moment, my life seemed to have paused for a minute or two as I reflected on that soulful thought. And this morning, after a counseling session with a Lower School kid, I remembered that line again. And I thought, "why don't I post an inspiring message once a month to stir our minds and quench our souls' thirst".

And so... something new has come up here in my blog. And we shall call it Food for the Soul. It's something to keep us grounded and sane. It may be something to lift us up. It may also serve as our boat's paddle as we journey in our lives.

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