overwhelmed with his faith

I got a text message from my husband just now. And it
made me realize how blessed I am to have a husband like him.

He used to be a non-practicing Catholic in our barkada years. And since the time we became a couple, he has tried to be more obedient in following the Catholic rituals with little prompting from me.

The day we got married, things, however, has changed dramatically. This time, my husband is the one reminding me to pray at night. He asks me where I want to hear mass. He even reminds me to never doubt the Big Guy up there! And everyday, he drops by the EDSA Shrine to say a prayer before he goes to his office. As if that isn't enough, here's his text message just now:

"I joined the group at the EDSA Shrine in saying the rosary. They were just starting when I came in. And I felt like praying with them.(smile)"

I am overwhelmed with my husband's faith. And I am just so thankful Gino and I are married to one another.=)

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Rhea said...

H Jan,

It's really great to have a religious hubby noh? My own hubby wasn't really very religious in his college years either but has changed for the better too since we got married. Btw, I have a timely prayer tag for you at my blog at http://rheaangela.blogspot.com