the email

Borrowed a tent from a friend. Listed the stuff to bring. Planned the activities. Thought of the wardrobe. These are the things my husband and I have done in preparation of our La Mesa Eco Park weekend with the inlaws. We were so decided on doing every possible activity available at the Eco Park. Until I got this email.

It was the email my husband and I have long waited for. We even prayed for it. After about 2-3 months have passed with a deafening silence, we thought maybe it is not possible. So we didn't think about it anymore. As I opened the email this morning, I knew our plans for the weekend definitely have changed. And we are absolutely excited to be there tomorrow at 10am - 2pm!

Where are we headed to? I really want to tell you about it but my husband said "No, not yet". I think I can give you a clue though. Let me see... Hmmm, 1 word. Television. Yeah, I know that didn't help you at all. But that's all I can give you for now, my lips are sealed!

I hope things will turn out well tomorrow. Our fingers are crossed!

customized signature

I remember adding an animation at the end of my posts before. Any of you recall the dancing stick? I thought to myself, "that isn't so original at all since I just downloaded the Gif file from somewhere". As mentioned in my previous post --- I want my blog to have a unique look. I ended up creating a customized signature and my only hope is that I correctly add it now.

Looky here!

new blog dress

Would you believe, after months of planning, I finally have a new blog dress! It feels so refreshing to look at my blog now, especially that I created the header and the headings for each link. I have traveled to a lot of sites offering free templates but I want my blog to look unique --- have its very own dress. And so I planned and designed, using Adobe Photoshop of course plus the templates available on Blogger. I had to do several revisions before I came up with its final look.

The header, showing the photo of my brother's pet turtle is my current favorite shot and I thought using it in my blog is just perfect. The headings for each link, or what I'd like to call as icons, are made from scrapbook elements I found online for free.

Looking at my blog now, it is quite obvious how I love the color green. There are still some issues I need to fix though, like my customized signature and the font color of my old posts. But for now, I think my blog's new look rocks! What do you think?


coffee break: the comeback

It was an advise I so needed to hear as my husband said "You can only resume your coffee breaks if you're willing to allot time for it". For several months now, my coffee break sessions have been in hiatus. I have been getting messages from my frequent coffee drinkers asking when we'll have a new round of our sessions. I know,
I kept saying the 4-letter word --- SOON. But how soon is soon?

A few revisions. Hotter topics. A new and exciting logo. The comeback of our coffee break sessions will just pop in your screens any moment. Abangan!


the tale of the mangrove

My body was screaming at me as our countryside tour of Bohol came close to an end. Why would it not. Our schedule was so hectic. But believe me, I did not, at all, complain. Was not even close to uttering a phrase that would mean complaining.

While my husband and I recalled with excitement all the marvelous tourist destinations we visited in our Boholandia adventure, we couldn't help but ask each other which our favorite spot was. As he enumerated his 3 favorites (Balicasag Island snorkel adventure, Virgin Island, Floating Restaurant experience) I realized it was a difficult question for me to answer. As I pondered on my favorite Bohol spot, what welcomed us on the road was an incredible red sky. The bay area at Barangay Laya in the town of Baclayon looked like a canvas painted by an awesome artist. My husband heard the excitement in my voice and asked our driver to stop in the middle of the road. Without any words, we went out of the van and stood by the shore as I took shots of the mangrove, standing all alone.

Title of the Photo: The Tale of the Mangrove
What I Love about the Photo: The manner the shot was taken, as my husband and I had to run across the road just to get close to the shore.


bohol: 3 day - 2 night itinerary

We got back from our Bohol trip Tuesday afternoon. And yet, my mind is still filled with the breath-taking sceneries and the crazy adventure.
We were all first-timers in Bohol but we never felt that way the minute we set foot at the Tagbilaran Airport. The 3 day-2 night itinerary I made based on what I read in the blogosphere helped a lot. The Bohol tour information I got from travel forums gave me names and numbers of Boholanos who could guide us as we explore and discover the beautiful province of Bohol.

Tatay, Gino with our driver cum tour guide, Kuya Ray

Countryside Tour Driver. Kuya Ray Plata did not only serve as our driver as we went around the province but as a well-informed tour guide too. Working as one of the drivers of St. Jude Rent-a-Car, Kuya Ray was in uniform when he picked us up at Grand Luis Lodge at 7am. We agreed to have him for 12 hours as we explore 16 tourist spots (see itinerary below) for Php3000. Take not, 16 tourist spots! The usual package is for 7 destinations at Php2500. We had to extend up to 9pm because of a series of stopovers (grocery and pasalubong shopping, sunset pictorial at the middle of the road, going back to the hotel to get some stuff, etc). I thought Kuya Ray would ask for an extra charge like what other drivers there would do, but he did not. He was even clueless as he tried to return the Php1000 tip we gave him. Now that's an authentic Boholano! Going to Bohol? Here is Kuya Ray's mobile number, +63906-7329566.

Gino helping Terrence go down Kuya Jojo's boat.

Island Hopping. I contacted Jojo Sales for our island hop. For Php1500, he would bring us to the spot somewhere at Pamilacan Island where dolphins playfully show off their enthusiasm. But we weren't able to go dolphin-watching because we got to the boat after lunch. Dolphins only go out and play at around 6-8am. Wondering if it would be okay to see the untouched Virgin Island, I told him to drop us there. He obliged! Normally, boatmen would charge you a different fee if you go there because it's not part of most island hop packages. The Virgin Island reminds me of Camiguin's White Island. Its long stretch of sandbar will leave you speechless. The water was crystal-clear you would see every starfish resting close to your toes. Before he brought us to the famous Alona Beach, I told Jojo to drop us first at Balicasag Island so we could go snorkeling. And that was such a wonderful experience! Imagine a school of fish in rainbow colors swimming 3 inches away from you! Imagine corals at your feet, in various hues, dancing to the waves of the water! With Php1500, you get to experience these. You may reach Jojo at +62921-7648430 / +63932-3294914 / +63926-4427830.

I am attaching a copy of our 3day-2night itinerary below. Feel free to grab and edit it then tell me about your Bohol experience too!


itchy feet

My itchy feet are so fidgety. It can't wait to walk on the white sand beaches of Panglao Island in Bohol. After a long wait, on Sunday, my husband and I, with my in-laws, will board a Cebu Pacific plane going to Tagbilaran City in Bohol. Ooh dear, I am so excited!

To make the most out of our 3 days and 2 nights adventure to Boholandia, I am making our itinerary. I must admit, it is quite a challenge for me because we have so little time. But thanks to the ever reliable blogosphere, I have researched well-enough on how we could make the most out of our most awaited vacation.

Photo Courtesy of: Bohol Board

Apart from seeing the world-renowned Chocolate Hills and tarsiers, what I am looking forward to with wide-eyes and itchy feet are the water falls and the beautiful untouched islands. The Virgin Island of Bohol is on the top of my list! I can bet all the coins in my purse (haha!) that I'd be so tan when we get back to Manila. Whatever! I don't care getting golden brown-skinned. A golden brown-skin means I had the time of my life!


UP fair 2009

The week-long celebration of the UP Diliman's Fair has began Monday, February 9. Bands. Food. Familiar faces. Mosh pit. Henna tattoos. Bazaars. Games and fraternity gimmicks. It's that time of the year when everyone gathers at the Sunken Garden to rock and roll!

February 9 - EUFAIRIA by Delta Pi Omicron
Sorority and Indios Bravos Multimedia: Rico Blanco, Slapshock, Queso, Intolerant, Razorback, Typecast, Markus Highway, Hilera, Reklamo, Franco, Stonefree, Chubibo, Brigada, Badburn, Dissent, Sin, Manila Bus, Peligro, Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man, Meat Balls, Falling at Zero Degrees.

February 10 - ROCKULTURA by the UP Engineers and Men for College and Country Fraternity (EMC2): Pupil, Urbandub, Sandwich, Imago, Cambio, Chicosci, Queso, Greyhoundz, The Wudz, Johnny Cross, Itchyworms, 6cyclemind, Callalily, Mayonnaise, Silent Sanctuary, Pedicab, Soapdish, Zelle, Datu’s Tribe, Markus Highway, Join the Club, Paraluman, Peryodiko, Archipelago, Kelevra, Intolerant, FMD, Urduja, Tanya Markova, Nyctinasty, Bloodshedd, South Superhiway, Ultimate Ube.

February 11 - AMPLIFIED by Alpha Sigma Fraternity: Parokya Ni Edgar, Kamikazee, Slapshock, Queso, Urbandub, Chocosci, Typecast, Moonstar88, The Youth, Blue Boy Bites Back, Machine Gun Poetry, Feedback, The Ambassadors, The Out Of Body Special, Franco, Nyctinasty, Salamin, Hansom, Diary of My Last Days, United By Fate, The Haneps, Crudeoz, I-Ray, Eternal Now, Luzia, Look Out Kid, Liquid Courage, Makarel, Jejaview, Made For Midnight Movies.

February 12 - RAMBOL by UP Brotherhood of the Filipinos 1955 (or aka Pinoy ‘55): Sponge Cola, Grin Department, Join the Club, Urbandub, Greyhoundz, Typecast, Pupil, Brownman Revival, Six Cycle Mind, Imago, Hilera, Up Dharma Down, Radioactive Sago, Paraluman, Giniling Festival, Manibela, Paramita, Duster, DeLara, Blue Ketchup,Stonefree, Fuse, Mayonaise, Cambio, Ursa Minor, Zelle, Melanie, Nickty Nasty, Chubibo, Ambassadors, Juana, Protein Shake, Hidden Nikki, Space Flower Show.

February 13 - LOVERAGE by UP Pan Xenia Fraternity and UP Adelfe Enu Crea Sorority in cooperation with UP Circuit and UP Cursor: Bamboo, Sugarfree, Urbandub, Kjwan, Itchyworms, Greyhoundz, Raorkback, Typecast, Moonstar88, Silent Sanctuary, Kitchie Nadal, Stonefree, Mayonnaise, Cambio, Hilera, Soapdish, Giniling Festival, DeLara, Valley of Chrome, Fuse, Zelle, Salamin, Fuerzza, Chubibo, Top Junk, Intolerant, Menaya, Playphonics, Sopiz, Kelevra.

February 14 - MEANT FAIR EACH OTHER by the University Student Council: Taken by Cars, Sandwich, Sugarfree, Itchyworms, Rocksteddy, Chicosci, Callalily, Typecast, Moonstar88, Barbie, Silent Sanctuary, Session Road, Kamikazee, Paraluman, Duster, Reklamo, Soapdish.

Tickets at P90 may be bought at the Sunken Garden or the sponsoring organizations, or call the USC at 981-8500 local 4521


better life

I was never a fan of Beatles. But this is one hit song they had that I particularly like. It has been revived by a number of artists like George Benson and Kalapana. But however they sing it, my love for the song Here, There and Everywhere never fades or changes.

In this scrap I made, I highlighted the words better life because that's how I see life the day my husband and I got married. I used George Benson's version in the journaling I made here. And so the song goes:

To lead a better life,
I need my love to be here
Here, making each day of the year
Changing my life with a wave of her hand
Nobody can deny that there's something there.
There, running my hands through her hair
Both of us thinking how good it can be



My husband and I never get tired looking at our wedding photos. Whenever we sit down and marvel at it, he never fails to tell me how much he would love to see me scrap our favorite pictures. And among all those, this one is the most memorable. It was literally our first dance. The way our photographer captured the special moment leaves us speechless.

Credits here.

That reflection of us dancing is so romantic one would think it was taken out of a fairytale book.

View our other photos HERE.


rtv crazy

4 days to go before RTV or the Reedley Talent and Variety Show. For the whole month of January (and up to the day before the big show), the RTV is what keeps me and the rest of the Reedley community busy. Stress and anxiety are two common feelings permeating in the air. But above the worries, a rush of excitement runs through every Reesian. Here is a video from the previous RTV --- a group of Korean students grooving to the song called Balloons.

The RTV is a highly anticipated event in Reedley. It happens every after 2 years with a different theme each show. It showcases the talents of Reedley students, alumni and faculty. Expect music icons such as Madonna, Michael Jackson and the Beatles, portrayed by students, to perform on-stage as this year's show is entitled RTV Icons.

RTV Icons will be held this Sunday, February 08 at the AFP Theater. The Matinee Show starts at 1:30 P.M. while the Gala starts at 5:00 P.M.

Here's a video of one of the acts lined up in this year's RTV. The Reedley Breakfluid Streetdance 2008 Contest winner --- CAUTION.

For ticket inquiries, you may call 631-2262. The day of the big event, I will be at the lobby of the AFP Theater welcoming you!


dreaming about blogging

I admit. I miss blogging. I miss it so much I even have dreams about it. Weird, isn't it? You miss blogging. You dream about blogging. Yet you don't blog. So why didn't I blog the past 30 something days that went by? I was swamped with tasks and deadlines at work. I had so much stuff to do that when I leave my workplace, I go straight to the mall to have dinner with my husband. See, I didn't even have time to cook! As soon as we reach home --- I hit the sack right away.

Now that I am more than half-way done with the tasks, I am committing myself to have more time with my sweet little online nook. Coffee breaks should be posted consistently. New photos should be loaded at least thrice a week. Digiscraps should be displayed weekly.

I missed blogging. Really. I wonder if the blogosphere missed me as well.