of cars and driving

After buying me my Canon dslr camera, my husband has been vocal about living a frugal life in the coming months. He wants to save up for a bigger expense which he hopes to happen late next year. So what is he obsessed about? That would be buying our own car! I love the idea of him saving up for it. He intends to buy just a sedan, but I prefer a pick-up for traveling purposes. To drive a maroon-colored
Chevrolet Silverado won't hurt! It's big and bulky and is a good all-around truck conducive for a rough ride.

This early, I have reminded him to brush up on vehicle issues such as maintenance, auto repair and brake job. We are both clueless on this area so reading on it will be beneficial for us. I have heard friends discussing stuff such as brake pad, spark plug, exhaust and emission --- and I admit, my head spins whenever the pantry topic switches to that.

A friend who lives in Dallas, Texas recently bought her Ford SUV. The photos she has sent us leaves me green with envy because of 2 things: the liberty she enjoys as she confidently drives plus the knowledge and experience she is gaining on auto maintenance. She honestly tells me though, that she is still dependent on Dallas auto repair for major car issues. As for me, first-hand experience on driving will have to be put on hold. I'll have to be bookish for now as I read on stuff about cars and driving.


brighter than sunshine

I love listening to music and understanding every line each song says. Back when Gino and I were still friends, I remember how he would tease me whenever I discuss with him the meaning of songs playing on the radio. He tells me I have a habit of complicating the simple pleasure of listening to music! But through the years, maybe because we have been together everyday, he too, has been reflective of song lyrics.

To put character to my newest layout (finally not a quickpage), I added the lyrics of a song by the alternative band Aqualung. Their song entitled Brighter Than Sunshine speaks of embracing the beauty of love after brushing it off. For weeks now, this song has been my alarm tone. And it hasn't failed giving me bright mornings!

To complete the layout, I used a photo of Gino and me in our Anawangin and Capones Island adventure last summer. The kit I used for this layout? Of course they're all free! Credits HERE.

Well, I surely missed making my own LO. I might be able to make more this weekend with some freebies for you too!


bundle of joy

A personalized desktop calendar with photos of your bundle of joy on it? Who can resist that! Here is my little gift for the newest mom in town --- a November 2009 calendar with the latest photos of her baby! Looking at the pictures of Enan here, don't you agree he is such a bundle of joy?
I used a free quickpage I saw online. Ooh, this is embarrasing... I can't remember which digiscrap site I downloaded it from! Oh well. Whoever made this freebie, thanks a bunch!

Grab your November 2009 desktop calendar HERE Mommy Jowee!

the edge of satellite tv

Admit it. Sometimes, we are unable to enjoy TV viewing because our cable connection can't produce high-quality images and sounds. With the expensive cable fee we are paying monthly, the channels made available to us is so limited as well! If you are a couch potato who loves to navigate through various channels, then direct TV packages is what you definitely need.

Missing my favorite TV series because our cable connection is down today, I began surfing the web for
direct TV deals, curious if that is even possible. In bold letters, Google introduced me to satellite TV where high-definition programming is attainable. Imagine this -- digital direct TV satellite gives you over 150 channels in HD-quality! Aside from that digital offer, the edge of satellite TV is its easy and affordable set-up. Handling and delivery are free if you order online! Oh, and did I mention satellite radio channels too?

These direct TV offers are really tempting. Wait til I introduce it to my husband. He will love its sports programming made accessible 24/7!


a simple act from forest club

It must be Forest Club's way of thanking me for promoting them on my blog. Giving back, they featured my post in their website too! There's nothing much to it, really, except that they linked back to my blog entry entitled Forest Club: An Earthly Terrain.

However simple this act is, I truly appreciate what the owners of Forest Club did. If you look at it, this small act works both ways. Travelers will get to read about my experience at the place which means more visitors in my blog. And at the same time, Forest Club gets a reliable endorsement. You may want to see this simple act HERE.

If all vacation destinations we visited give back to its guests like this, then we will definitely keep coming back to those places and promote them too, right?

it's all about me

If you have noticed, I rarely scrap a photo of me. As to why, it's a simple fact. I would rather see family and friends in my layouts. Another reason is that I don't have enough photos of me because it is always I behind the camera, capturing the fun memories. But just this weekend, I downloaded this quickpage and I thought of adding my face on the empty frame! I used a photo from our Forest Club weekend in September.

Credits for this free quickpage goes to Carly. She used Expressions kit from Gypsy Couture. Thanks Carly! You really did a nice job on this kit!

Well, with a new camera and tripod as my newest buddies, I just might be able to include myself in merry moments I am going to capture!

my november 2009 desktop calendar

It has been proven time and again how my husband and I love the outdoors. Whenever handed out a rare chance to travel, we grab it right away and flee to a new vacation destination. The fact that we don't have our own private transportation yet does not stop us from moving around. There are disadvantages when traveling without the comfort of your own car, that is for sure. But most of the time, being adventurous commuters definitely add fun to the trip.

Here is my November desktop calendar showing 2 photos from our weekend at the Coffee Farmhouse last August. Credits for this November 2009 quickpage goes to Sandra Milie from her Once Upon A Time kit. Hugs to you Sandra for sharing this work of yours!

So, where are we off to this month? Sshhh. I will let you know soon!