the birth of a new blog

I know this would make me look like a geek but what the heck. This morning, I was reading a book on idiomatic expressions.
I came across the phrase a slice of the cake. Although the idiom meant sharing something, my mind was flooded with food and restaurant thoughts. And a brilliant idea popped in my head. Why don't I start a blog about food!

Although I don't look like a happy eater because of my skinny frame, dudes, I am telling you... I am! I would rather spend on food than go to a movie house. I would rather buy food than purchase a new bag. I would rather give in to my craving than buy a a new cellphone. Gone are the days when I was a slave of new gadgets and signature clothes. This time around, I am a fan of food!

And thus came the birth of my new blog which I call a slice of the cake. Like the meaning it evokes, this blog aims to share with the blogosphere every stuff related to food. Blogmates, drum roll please! I humbly invite you to view my new project. Welcome to the blogosphere baby!


80s fanatic

Admit it. I know you are too!

There is something about the 80s music that keeps me glued to it. Whenever I get tired of listening to pop music in the air waves, I keep coming back to my collection of 80s hits. Like now, I suddenly remembered this REO Speedwagon song. I searched it in google and voila! Look what I found! A free download of the band's greatest hits! The album called Reo Speedwagon The Hits may be downloaded HERE.

I'm embedding the song In My Dreams and posting its lyrics here. Sing with me as we reminisce the old days!

There was a time some time ago
When every sunrise meant a sunny day, oh a sunny day
But now when the morning light shines in
It only disturbs the dreamland where I lay, oh where I lay
I used to thank the lord when Id wake
For life and love and the golden sky above me
But now I pray the stars will go on shinin, you see in my dreams you love me

Daybreak is a joyful time
Just listen to the songbird harmonies, oh the harmonies
But I wish the dawn would never come
I wish there was silence in the trees, oh the trees
If only I could stay asleep, at least I could pretend youre thinkin of me
cause nighttime is the one time I am happy, you see in my dreams

We climb and climb and at the top we fly
Let the world go on below us, we are lost in time
And I dont know really what it means
All I know is that you love me, in my dreams

I keep hopin one day Ill awaken, and somehow shell be lying by my side
And as I wonder if the dawn is really breakin
She touches me and suddenly Im alive

my birth certificate issues

And so I say goodbye to attending our training in Singapore. I was right after all. It really will take the National Statistics Office 6 months to alter my birth certificate.

Despite all the suggestions I had from my concerned friends and blogmates, the truth remains the same. Its a new and stricter procedure. No affidavits honored. The answer is Republic Act 9048. In simpler words, file a petition for correction of typographical error or change of first name. The blame still goes back to me. For not being responsible enough to fix it all this time.

So there goes the story of my birth certificate. As I say goodbye to the Kagan Seminar, I also say goodbye to the Great Singapore Sale 2008. But wait! Come to think of it. I can ask my friends to buy stuff for me! Oh dear. Such a clever idea! (C'mon, let me do this... I am processing myself..)


cheer up

I think it's about time I tag my blogmates. It's been awhile since I last did this. And I thought of spreading cheerfulness to the blogosphere. Copy the post below and share it to a friend.

The storm is over. The sun is shinning now. Smile at someone. Spread the happiness.

JellyMuffin.com - The place for profile layouts, flash generators, glitter graphics, backgrounds and codes

The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up.
~Mark Twain

I'm tagging Vien, Farah, Mari, Bunnie and Tracy. Pass it on!

pamper your mama

Honestly, I have failed to do that my whole 29 years of
existence. And last Saturday, as mama celebrated her 65th birthday, my husband and I weren't around again. We only followed them to Subic the next day.

Gino and I have seen how her eyes smiled the moment she saw us in our rented unit at Subic Homes. Especially when I gave her our gift. My ate whispered to me how glad mama was to see us there. Yet, as we drove home, I still had a guilty feeling of not being able to make her feel special. And as I reflected, I felt how much I failed to return all the love and care she has given me my whole life. And this morning, this LINK I got in my email stirred my soul more. Right after viewing it, I called my husban
d right away and told him of my plan. I thought of treating mama over lunch this Saturday.

Being a Kapampangan,
without thinking twice, I knew right away where to bring her. Where else but Mangan! Mama is picky on what she eats. She doesn't like gourmet foods or anything Italian or Oriental. But she would definitely love something native. Something that would remind her of her home. And Mangan will surely be able to do that.

Ssshh. She doesn't know this yet. I asked my brother to bring her to Robinson's Galleria on Saturday. "Tell her you need to show her something...", I told my bro. I can't wait to see mama's reaction!

coffee break ver. 1.29

They say that you will somehow get the picture of a person's character by looking at the things she carries in her bag.

Some carry just their essentials. While others seem to carry their lives in their handbags. While most women don't leave their homes without a bag, I know quite a number who would rather be bag-less and just carry a lipgloss in their pockets. In this week's coffee break, let's talk personal.

What's in your everyday bag?

lifehouse mania in manila

We were there! The loud applause. The noisy crowd. The lights moving with the music. It was a moment my husband and I will always remember!

We arrived just in time as the concert started half past 8. The crowd started shrieking the minute Jason Wade and his group went on stage. Of course I was part of that noisy audience. I was even standing up the most part of the 1 hour plus plus show! The crowd went wild when Lifehouse sang their hits like Hanging by a Moment, Broken, First Time, Spin, Where You Are, Blind, Simon and of course... You and Me. I wanted to take a video of the concert but, sitting at the Upper Box, the band looked liked midgets in the LCD of my camera. Thanks to Youtube though. Here's Jason singing our wedding song.

I hope this isn't their first and last visit in our country. My husband and I wish to see more of them soon!



I just came to realize how my family, my sisters in particular, love Subic. Perhaps because whenever you're there, it feels like you're in a different country. The lush of greenery and the disciplined motorists amidst a shopping haven. And because it's our mama's 65th birthday tomorrow, the whole family is going on a weekend trip to Subic.

My husband and I will just follow them right after Lifehouse's concert tomorrow. Oh dear! It definitely will be a superb weekend!


coffee break ver. 1.28

I am a certified sleep addict. And I have proven that just yesterday. I technically slept the whole day! My only waking moments were during Bo Sanchez' The Feast, breakfast, lunch and dinner. The in-betweens? I was snoring my heart out.

Sleep is defined as a natural state of body rest observed throughout the animal kingdom. It is common to everyone. Sleep is essential for survival. It keeps us rested and rejuvenated for the coming days. Our brain, however, stays active while we sleep. And it is known, through various researches conducted, that sleep happens through different stages. And several things happen in each stage. (source: wikipedia)

Some people believe that as we get older, humans need less sleep unlike younger children. I think though, that older people has a tendency to sleep less because they tend to have less time to stay in a deep and restful stage of sleep. Most adults need 7-8 hours of sleep. School-aged children need about 9-12 hours. Babies, on the other hand, need about 13-16 hours of sleep. In this week's coffee break, let's discuss this:

How much sleep is enough
to keep you rejuvenated for the next day?


in need of a passport

I need one.

I am being offered by our school to attend a seminar in Singapore from August 31-September 06. It's a life-changing offer and I gladly accepted it. However, with the minor error in my birth certificate, I don't think I can get a passport.

My husband, who for the longest time have been telling me to fix my birth certificate, reprimanded me. I know. The seminar is an opportunity I shouldn't miss. We both know it's a career growth for me. But what do I do now? Time is not on my side. The National Statistics Office said it will take them 6 months to correct my birth certificate.

Yesterday, I was told that the school will try to fix my problem. Our school lawyer will help me out with my birth certificate's typographical error (a simple misplaced spacing in my name) with an affidavit. If an affidavit will not be accepted, then I guess the seminar isn't for me yet. Next year, maybe. And I promise to fix, I mean really fix, the error in my birth certificate.

Updates will be posted soon!


tagged:: foodie tag

This tag made me hungry. But still, thankies Tracy!

1. Chicken sa McDo, Jollibee, or KFC?
- Most of the time, I go for the classic --- jollibee. But if I'm carving for something hot, it's kfc baby!

2. Pepsi, Coke, or rootbeer?
- Pepsi. But lately, I rarely drink softdrinks.

3. Greenwich, Pizza Hut, or Yellow Cab?
- It's definitely the C-A-B!

4. Adobo, sinigang, or nilaga?
- Sinigang if it's sugpo. Nilaga if it's beef. Adobo if it's pork.

5. Beef, pork, or chicken?
- Depends on how it was cooked.

6. Starbucks, Coffee bean and tea leaf, or Gloria Jean's?
- It's not in the choice but hubby and I go for Coffee Beanery.

7. Cornflakes, Honey Stars, or Milo cereal?
- Cornflakes. But we've discovered a local version. Grab the Oishi cereal products! It tastes the same but way, way cheaper!

8. Goldilocks or Red Ribbon?
- Red ribbon!

9. Tokyo Tokyo, Teriyaki Boy or Rai Rai Ken?
- Umm. I'm not into oriental food. But I can take some maki from Tokyo Tokyo.

10. Take Out or Dine In?
- Take out!

I'm passing this to Roselle and Jannesse. I hope you girls have time to do this. Have fun!

coffee break ver. 1.27

Okay, okay. I admit. Once in awhile, I enjoy listening to songs sang by Ogie Alcasid, Pops Fernandez and Joey Albert. I used to even sing with Air Supply and Natalie Cole in the bathroom. Geesh! I guess it's innate for us to somehow have a liking for songs that speak so much of love, whether it's returned or unrequited.

I won't be ashamed to tell you how much I like (up to now) Dingdong Avanzado's song called Maghihintay Sa 'Yo. It talks about happily and patiently loving somebody until the end of time (naks! ka-baduy nga naman!). And I fell even more in-love with the song when the Kilyawan Boys Choir sang it in one of their concerts!

Click the song below to hear Dingdong as he sings:

...at magbuhat, ngayon at kailanman
ikaw ang iibigin
ito’y iyong dinggin
mahal, mahal na mahal kita
hindi ako magbabago
asahan mo ito
mahal,mahal na mahal kita
ang puso ko’y iyong iyo
asahan mong maghihintay sa’yo

Let's talk baduy in this week's coffee break!

What baduy love song do you like listening to?

bo sanchez's the feast

As a commitment to the Big Guy up there, my husband and I
vowed to attend Bo Sanchez' The Feast every Sunday. And this weekend was our very first session.

I have witnessed my husband's transformation from being a non-practicing Catholic to a quiet soul working on his faith and a closer personal relationship with our Lord. But asking him to attend a regular praise and worship activity made me think twice. I know he's not comfortable with the usual singing, dancing and long talks which are part of worshiping. Still, I asked him if we could try it and he said "sure!" And I am sending out a huge Thank You to Him for touching my husband's life. After the worship and mass, Gino said he wants us to attend The Feast every Sunday!

It feels so good to know how you and your liftime partner work hand in hand towards the same goal. And attending The Feast regularly is our way of saying our gratitude to our Lord for all the blessings and challenges that come our way.

I am inviting you guys to attend The Feast, even for just one Sunday. You don't need to sing and dance with the choir. If you simply need to listen, then sit still and let Him touch your lives. Here is the schedule. I hope to see you there!

1st Session: 7:30 am
Praise and Worship
Inspirational Talk by Bo Sanchez
Holy Mass
(Healing and Counseling services are done after the Holy Mass at the right most side of the room)

2nd Session: 10:00 am
Holy Mass
Praise and Worship
Inspirational Talk by Bo Sanchez
(Healing and Counseling services are done after the Inspirational Talk at the right most side of the room)

3rd Session: 12:00 nn
Holy Mass
Praise and Worship
Inspirational Talk by Bo Sanchez
(Healing and Counseling services are done after the Inspirational Talk at the right most side of the room)

Valle Verde Country Club beside the Ultra

sweet escape with the magtotos

Baguio has always been a sweet escape for me and my husband. If we can't think of any new place to visit, we head straight to the cold winds of our country's summer capital. And last May, with my in-laws, we spent a weekend there. I know I still owe you the pictures we have from that trip. Instead, I'm sharing with you a slideshow of our photos with Gwen Stefani's song Sweet Escape in the background.

Oh dear. Even if there's a storm at this time, I miss Baguio so bad that I want to ask my husband to go on leave and for us to take the next bus ride going there! With the recent fare hike, I wonder how much a trip would cost this time.


venezuela wins ms. universe 2008

Venezuela, for the nth time, grabs the crown of this year's Miss Universe pageant. Shown here is Dayana Mendoza as she was crowned the 2008 most beautiful woman. And hear this, 5 other Latin beauties got in this year's top 5!

And I heard that this year's Miss USA
Crystle Stewart tripped on the train of her jewel-filled gown. As we all remember, last year's US candidate tripped over her gown too. Are these American beauties cursed? Uh-duuh.

Anyway, the Philippines' bet didn't make it still. And it's almost 4 decades since we last got the crown. After
Gloria Diaz and Margie Moran, will we ever get the Miss Universe crown ever again?


highly anticipated lifehouse concert

The countdown begins. In 14 days, my husband and I will be watching
Jason Wade and his band play in the Philippines for the first time! Lifehouse is a band we really enjoy listening to. And now that they're coming here for a one-night show at the Big Dome, we really can't miss it!

Those who love the TV series Smallville are surely familiar with the band. Several songs Jason composed and sang were always played in the series. The song Everything was used in the pilot episode and the first-season finale episodes. And of course, who can forget their live performance of You and Me in the fourth-season prom episode!

The last concert my hubby and I have seen was Norah Jones' show at the Big Dome in 2005. And I'm really excited to see a rock/alternative band this time. Woohoo! Anyway, here's a video of their latest single First Time.

tagged:: a candle & a prayer

Was tagged by Rhea with this prayer. Thankies dearie!

Dear God, we pray for the quick recovery of all the sick and the dying especially those suffering from lupus and cancer. May they find courage in their pain. Amen.

To those who will be tagged, all you have to do is keep this circulating.

Even if it’s to only one person. In memory of anyone you know that has been struck down by a serious illness like Lupus or Cancer or is still living with it. A Candle Loses Nothing by Lighting Another Candle.

Blogs who have prayed:

1.) Eida’s Closet 2.) My Precious 3.) Just Me.. Eds 4.) Milet 5.) FunFierceFab 6.) Live the Life of a Dreamer 7.) One Hundred and Eighty Degrees 8.) Jan's Bits & Pieces

Please keep this candle going.

Let's continue to pray for a cure.

Tracy, Vannie and Bunnie, I hope you girls could share this with your friends too.


overwhelmed with his faith

I got a text message from my husband just now. And it
made me realize how blessed I am to have a husband like him.

He used to be a non-practicing Catholic in our barkada years. And since the time we became a couple, he has tried to be more obedient in following the Catholic rituals with little prompting from me.

The day we got married, things, however, has changed dramatically. This time, my husband is the one reminding me to pray at night. He asks me where I want to hear mass. He even reminds me to never doubt the Big Guy up there! And everyday, he drops by the EDSA Shrine to say a prayer before he goes to his office. As if that isn't enough, here's his text message just now:

"I joined the group at the EDSA Shrine in saying the rosary. They were just starting when I came in. And I felt like praying with them.(smile)"

I am overwhelmed with my husband's faith. And I am just so thankful Gino and I are married to one another.=)


tagged:: random q's

Thankies Bunnie for this tag. Sorry for posting it quite late.

The rules are simple. At the end of the post, the player tags 6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blog and leaves a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answer.

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?
- i was in UP diliman fighting for survival!

2. What are the 5 things on my to-do list today?
- schedule case meetings
- print out evaluation form of my project
- take photos of my project's peripherals
- read my good housekeeping mag
- sleep early

3. Snacks I enjoy
- sandwich, yakult (yep!), apples, pod's pea snacks by oishi

4. Place where I lived
- san juan, mandaluyong and now cainta, rizal

5. Things I’d do if I were a billionaire
- buy us a house somewhere in pasig and a resthouse in baguio and camiguin... sponsor a deserving child's education... donate to an environmental group

6. People I want to know more
- khaye, suzanne, mari, emz, rocks, joanne.

food for the soul 07.2008

Cheer up! The onset of rain means a rainbow may show up next. -Anonymous.

when the soul gets thirsty

There comes a time in our lives when our souls get thirsty. People respond to this thirst
in various ways. Some individuals listen to soulful music. While others read biblical and inspirational articles. I have friends who prefer to attend retreats and renewal gatherings. And I know of people who need just some time in solitude.

I quench my thirst in several ways. I would sometimes look at a photo that manifests the feeling of serenity. I would also say a short prayer. At times, I would simply sit still and listen to my heartbeat. I would also sometimes listen to the raindrops. It makes me calm appreciating the simplest things we don't usually notice.

Yesterday, during a meeting, I read a thought provoking line written in my planner. In that moment, my life seemed to have paused for a minute or two as I reflected on that soulful thought. And this morning, after a counseling session with a Lower School kid, I remembered that line again. And I thought, "why don't I post an inspiring message once a month to stir our minds and quench our souls' thirst".

And so... something new has come up here in my blog. And we shall call it Food for the Soul. It's something to keep us grounded and sane. It may be something to lift us up. It may also serve as our boat's paddle as we journey in our lives.


coffee break ver. 1.26

Since I started the day talking about food, why don't we have that as a topic in this week's coffee break!

Eating is a part of our schedules. It's a daily task. It is something we can't live without. In my case, eating plays a vital role in my work. My brain goes on sleep mode if I don't munch on a sandwich while doing my tasks (except of course during counseling where I have to devote 101% of my attention to my counselees).

While eating is something we all do, cooking definitely is a different matter. Some enjoy doing it. While some would prefer to simply eat. They say you have to be gifted to be able to cook great meals. I believe you just need practice and a lot of dedication in whatever food you prepare. And then after, a luscious and savory meal may be served. I think... Hehehe.

What dish have you been dreaming to prepare?

chicken macaroni salad

For the longest time, my husband has been requesting that I prepare chicken macaroni salad. Now that my
biggest project for the school year has been launched already, I think it's about time I reward myself by preparing what my hubby has been requesting. Some of you might say "how can that be a reward when you have to use up your time and energy doing it". Being married for a year, I learned how much fun cooking can be. And learning a new recipe has always been therapeutic and rewarding for me!

I am clueless though how to make a chicken macaroni salad. But thankies to the ever reliable internet. Voila! I found its recipe here!

I can't wait to go to the grocery after work today. And ssshh... Gino has no idea what's in store for him when he gets home tonight!


reedley loves rak

After 2 months of planning, this year's Guidance Campaign on Anti-Bullying is in its full force. The campaign, which began Friday last week, with modules talking about Random Acts of Kindness, is being launched today at 12 noon.

This year's campaign is called Reedley loves RAK. It aims to foster the values of family and nurture. It shall help students acquire interpersonal skills such as kindness, respect and tolerance. The campaign also seeks to inform students on what bullying is, the profile of a bully and the things you can do if you are bullied. I have posted below a brochure on bullying which I made. Feel free to print it, just click the photos to zoom it.

Here is a clip I created. I hope this video inspires us to be kind.


celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary

We initially planned on going to Boracay (which explains our 2-day leave from work, Thursday & Friday). And then we thought of just splurging on food and ending the day with a much-needed spa. At the end of all the planning and spa-searching in the metro, Gino and I ended up malling, eating a big meal at Burgoo and watching every DVD we have at home.

I started the day preparing breakfast quietly. I didn't want to wake him up and spoil my surprise for him. I cooked fried rice, crunchy corned beef, egg and prepared some cold lemonade. As soon as I woke him up, I gave him my gift --- a Nike polo shirt. He looked liked a kid stomping his feet on the bed out of excitement! And then he said he would appreciate any shirt from me, that it didn't have to be a branded one. There, his being kuripot at its finest! But however kuripot he is, the night before our anniversary, he hugged me and handed out our tickets for Lifehouse's concert at the Big Dome on July 26. I can't wait for them to sing our wedding song entitled You and Me. (It's playing now!)

Next to our first meal as husband and wife, which happened on the day we got married, our Burgoo meal is the sweetest. I automatically doodled on the given sheet and crayons. And voila! I made us a caricature! Well, yeah it was just stick figures but hey... I made much of an effort drawing that. Hubby liked it and couldn't stop himself taking pictures of it. We even wanted to bring it home but it was filled with pasta already!

It was a simple celebration, really. We began the day with a prayer and ended with one too. And deep in our hearts, we thanked the Big Guy up there for giving us strength and keeping us safe and sane from all the struggles and trials. We thanked Him for th big surprises. But we thanked Him more for the tiniest blessings He showered on us everyday.

For my blogmates who sent us greetings, big thankies to you all! Count with us as we share more years together!


coffee break ver. 1.25

Tomorrow, the 3rd of July, is our 365th day as husband and wife. Being married for a year has taught us a lot of things. The married life is definitely a whole new world for Gino and me. Budgeting. Weekly menu. Baby plans. Buying-our-own-house plans. Career plans. Spending time with our in-laws. Understanding each other's pet peeves. Patience for one another's occasional tantrums. Resolving conflicts. WE time.

These are just some of the new lessons and learnings we sincerely treasure. The list could go on and on. But what we love most about being married to each other is waking up each day knowing we have each other to hold on to when the going gets tough. It's the realization, that no matter how ugly and bad breath we both are in the morning, the love we have for one another goes even deeper. It's unconditional. It's divine. It's loving each other the labski way.

To my fellow married blogmates, this week's coffee break is especially for us.

What do you love most about being married?


caught the flu

I did. And I was in bed for 4 cruel days. How I hate to be sick! I had no appetite. I had colds. I had cough. And the fever didn't want to leave me behind. Cruel, cruel days.

The only thing I liked about getting sick was seeing and feeling how much my husband loves me. He'd come home with a basket of fruits. Apples. Banana. Oranges. Mango. There was pizza and bowls of soup too. He made sure I drank my meds on time. He kept monitoring my temperature too. And to top it all, because I couldn't take a shower yet, he always made sure to wipe me with an ice, cold towelette. It was really sweet of him.

And because he made me feel like his spoiled baby, it's payback time. I have come up with ideas to "pay it forward". It's time to "baby" him! And how sweet the timing is. This week, we are celebrating our first wedding anniversary!