handle stress

Sometimes, in the midst of life's hustle and bustle, psyching oneself is essential. With all the things happening in my life right now, especially at work, how do I handle stress?

1. Psyching Oneself: I nag myself. Yes, you read it right. I enumerate the reasons why I shouldn't be stressed out. Stress is related to 99% of all illness. Pimples. Heartburn. Dry skin. Sleepless nights. And the list goes on.

2. Techie Frenzy: It's either the Ipod or the computer. I either turn up the volume of my Ipod as I listen and usually, sing with my playlist. In most cases, I will be sitting infront of the computer - downloading, web surfing or digiscrapping. But just recently, I realized how stress-relieving playing computer games is! (My current addictions are Return to Ravenhearst and Forgotten Riddles --- both are mystery and puzzle type games.)

3. Forward-Not-Backward: I look forward. I anticipate how beautiful life can be after a stressful situation. I picture the exact scenario. I visualize the moment when being thankful for the experience is felt.

4. The Other Half: I am and will always be grateful for having my husband. I spent last Sunday doing nothing but sleep while he, again, did all the household chores. He knows when I simply want to be hugged. He knows when I just want to be quiet. He knows when I feel like ranting and cursing. He knows when my tears just have to roll down. At all times, he is there walking with me, holding my hand.

In a strange way, stress teaches us more about life, than we can ever think of. Wether we like it or not, we all go through it. It's only a matter of how we handle stress that makes so much difference.


blog overhaul

I really believe this spot of mine needs a blog overhaul. By saying blog overhaul I don't just mean its physical look but its content as well.

For a month now, I have failed to update the blogosphere with my coffee breaks. I am pretty sure my blogmates out there who are frequent coffee drinkers are waiting for our discussions. And I have been a lousy "barista", not being able to stir my drinkers minds. And the photos and digiscraps? I haven't been consistently posting too! Aside from these, I also need to update the links in my blog because some of them aren't working anymore. They are just taking up some space here but do not provide anything at all. And my blog's total look? It's also given that I need to change it. Sometimes, I can't help but feel bored looking at it.

Aww. Poor me. So much to do, so little time. I wonder when I could do all these.



It's not what you think it is. As a matter of fact, I didn't even read the book or see its film adaptation. Twilight is defined as the onset of darkness at the end of the day. As I got sentimental looking at the drama of this photo, enchanted with its passionate hues of magenta, purple, orange and yellow, I felt calling it Twilight.

Title of the Photo: Twilight
What I Love About It: With my in-laws, I dragged my husband to Eco-Park so I could shoot new photos. Unfortunately, I didn't find The-Spot with worth documenting scenes. However, on our way home, what greeted me along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City was this enchanting sunset!

photo exhibit postponed

Our first photo exhibit has been postponed. Instead of having it on the last week of January, it was moved to the third quarter of 2009. You see, a lot of events are happening in school right now. Since everyone is busy, we all agreed to have the photo exhibit on a later date. That way, we'll have more time to shoot.

So, what have I been up to lately?

In 4 weeks, it's RTV time again. RTV or the Reedley Talent and Variety Show is a highly anticipated event where both students, alumni and faculty show off their skills. There will be a lot of singing, dancing, acting and classical numbers. This year's theme focuses on international music icons. Every member of our faculty is involved in coming up with the show. I am heading the Souvenir Program Committee. I just got the approved cover design, shown on the left (which is also how the ticket looks like). My team and I are now working on its lay-out.

Two months from now, it will be Reedley's graduation, which will be held at the Irwin Theater in Ateneo. I am heading the Valedictorian-Salutatorian Committee and our major task is to gather the GPAs of the Top 5 graduating students both in Middle and Upper School. Aside from that, we will also be conducting an On-The-Spot Essay Writing and a Panel Interview. With that kind of screening process, the Valedictorian and Salutatorian of Reedley International School is definitely deserving of the honor and admiration.

To be honest, I am happy the photo exhibit was postponed. It gives me a chance to focus on my committee tasks and counseling sessions. It also means our short Bohol adventure next month will be a venue for me to shoot and snap!


mr. grumpy

I have known him for 3 boring years. Back then, he was an inch small you could carry him with your index finger. But now, Mr. Grumpy is as big as my palm! And he is quite hyperactive too! Blogmates, say hello to my brother's turtle --- Mr. Grumpy!

Title of the Photo: Mr. Grumpy
What I Love About the Photo: Its candidness! Without even thinking and checking out the settings of my camera, I took a macro shot of dear ol' Grumpy. And look what I got --- a photo worth posting! Talk about Clicker's luck!


holy macaroni

Am I dreaming? Is this for real? I got a call from my husband, congratulating me. He said I'm now a PR 3 (hmm... that rhymes!) Thinking he might have misspelled my blog's address, I checked it out to validate his claim. Holy macaroni! It is true! My blog is now a PR 3!

I don't know how it happened. All I could remember was leaving the blogosphere for almost a month with no updates. Only to return with a higher page rank. I guess it's Mr. Google's way of welcoming me this splendid year. Happy new year blogmates!


the holiday season: in perspective

Collectively, the holiday season that just happened was an engaging and perky period of my life. I admit, I had to leave the blogosphere for awhile for all the parties occurring around me. I couldn't party and blog at the same time. I just had to choose one and give most of myself to it. And the result is an outpour of precious memories.

Neil and Grace's Wedding at the Fernwood Gardens, December 20

Me Winning 10k in our Christmas Party, December 23

My Husband and Me with the Wacky Celiz Family, December 25

My Husband with Terrence at the Eco-Park, December 29

My Husband and Me with my In-Laws at the Eco-Park, December 29

Melot and Me at Seattle's Best Trinoma, December 30
(a sweet reunion after 16 long years!)

Me and Bruce in my Mom's Home, December 31

My Husband and Me, December 31

Me and Mai at La Maison Trinoma, January 4
(seeing each other a year and a half after I got married)

Reunions. Reflections. Realizations. All with a touch of gratitude. That was how my husband and I spent our holiday season.