e-session: mix & len

Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other
but in looking outward together in the same direction.
-Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Photo Session: Engagement Images of Mix & Len
Location: University of the Philippines, Diliman
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All photos taken by Labski Fotografi.
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food for the soul 07.2010

Never look down on anybody
unless you are helping him up.
- Jesse Jackson

It’s easy sometimes to look at others and think that you could do much better than them, put in the same situation. “If I were her, I could have lost that weight already!” “If I were him, there would be much less fighting in the house.” It’s so effortless to stand back and shake your head. Resist this temptation. You’ll never be able to fully understand another person’s situation. So instead of waiting by, observing, and judging, what can you do to help make that person’s life easier? Don’t preach or give advice, unless it is asked for. Listen to them. By being a friend, you’ll not only help somebody in a time of need, but you’ll be earning this in return when you someday need it. - SPARKPEOPLE TRANSLATION


real men are not sugar-coated freaks

I know i told you I am married to a man who is never mushy and cheesy. To him, real men are not sugar-coated freaks.

He is not the type who would give me flowers. He would rather buy me a naughty lingerie. He is not the type who would carry my bag. He would instead put my stuff in his backpack. He is not the type who would watch a chick flick with me and pretend he digs John Lloyd's lines. He would instead let me watch UFC and teach me how to clinch and throw a knee to defend myself from an assailant. He is not the type who would gaze at the moon and the stars and whisper sweet nothings to my ears. He would instead be my assistant to a photo shoot and carry my heavy photography gears. But sometimes, however predictable they are, real men can still let their guards down and amaze us. And that was what my husband did on our 3rd wedding anniversary!

Imagine yourself in a rage because of the heavy rain and jammed traffic. As if that was not enough, picture this series of observations. From the garden, you see your living room windows wide open when you are certain you locked it before you left. By the window, you see the fan and a light turned on. You see the shadow of a soft flame from a lighted candle. You hear soft music playing. With all these seemingly scary phenomena, frankly speaking, I freaked out! In a matter of seconds I began creating this insane story that there might be a ghost inhabiting our home. As my heart pounded, I went to the door trying to muster enough courage. And what I saw on our doorknob almost made me faint. It was a yellow post-it and it said "Hi Mrs. Let's play a game. See back for instruction."

Amazing Race! Amazing idea! Six stations and 6 gifts that represent our 6 years as a couple --- 3 years as boyfriend and girlfriend, 3 years as husband and wife. How cleverly sweet can that be! I never imagined my husband pulling off something as special as this. My brain cells froze and I could not answer any of the questions he posted around the house. I wanted to run to him quickly and give him the tightest and warmest hug only a joyful and contented wife can give. Instead of answering the trivia questions, I went around the house searching for clues. One by one, as each gift was revealed to me, I happily reminisced all our days spent together. With the twinkle in my eyes and a beaming smile painted on my face, there stands my husband in the middle of the master's bedroom, with a huge bouquet of 6 scarlet red Gerberas. It was the 6th gift. But the one holding the bouquet is the most beautiful gift of all.

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I am married to a man who is never mushy and cheesy. To him, real men are not sugar-coated freaks. Real men are gross and unrestrained. But in between that stinky fart, the ear-splitting snore and the big-sounding burp, lies an intimate soul who can amaze you with his out of this world This-Is-How-A-Real-Man-Shows-Affection ideas. My husband is a real man. And I am happily married to him!