landscaping 101

It has been 2 weeks since my husband and I moved into our new home yet we still have some stuff to sort and organize. Except for Lola "Mama ni Glenn" living across our house (that's how she wants to be called), we haven't really met our neighbors too! You may be wondering what is keeping me and my husband busy the past few days. The answer to that is landscaping 101!

We never thought landscaping could be so interesting. Like what my Facebook shoutout states "landscaping entails your patience as you wait for your plants to mature, it requires a lot of cash, but landscaping is equal to F-U-N". Every weekend morning, Gino and I go straight to our backyard and have our breakfast there. Staring at the few plants we have while drinking a warm cup of chocolate drink, our morning conversation will mostly be about which plants to grow and what type of garden set will suit our outdoor theme. We are both lucky to have mothers introducing us to various palms, trees and flowering plants. My sister, who is an architect, is a great help too in giving ideas on how to layout our garden!

I am not leaving everything to our relatives though. I am doing my homework too! From what I have read about growing one's garden, there are 3 things I have to remember: colors, height and curves. Play with various colors of leaves and flowers. Blend plants in different heights. Add curves as borders to create a zen mood.

Now I have to go and catch up on my landscaping readings. Oh, and I have to water our growing papaya and palm trees and my attractive yellow sundrop flowering plant!


settled and at home

Unpacked boxes. Dusty furnitures. Uncultivated garden. So goes the tale of a married couple who just moved into a new home. But despite several downsides of transferring to a new house, Gino and I are in a state of bliss! We have finally settled here and we feel so at home!

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a new beginning

It has been said time and again --- start the new year right. A new you. A new outlook in life. A new beginning. For my husband and me, the new year means a new home!

After living in the cramped space of our 3rd floor unit, finally, Gino and I are moving into a new and bigger home. This will happen this Friday, the 8th of January. And for the first time in our lives, my husband and I will live in Southern Metro Manila. It will be a major change, especially for me, since it's far from my place of work. But this new home is a bountiful gift left on our door, without us praying for it.

Commuting around the metro will be difficult, that I don't deny. But with a comfortable house to go home to, opening its gate, unlocking its door and exploring its garden are the things we'll look forward to!