an attempt on coffee break

I know I have been to pre-occupied lately that I have failed to answer even my own
coffee break question. Poor me. I apologize to my blogmates, who never fail to participate in it, for my very late response. Here are my choices:

1. At the top would still be Camiguin Island. Had our honeymoon there. Will definitely come back soon to have a different feel of the island. We weren't able to take much photos, you know why! (wink wink)

2. My second choice would be the mystical island of Siquijor. I do have apprehensions of going there because of the ghost stories and black magic. But each time I see photos of the island, aah. makes me wanna pack my things and catch the next trip going there.

3. Last, but definitely not the least, Kero's hometown. Batanes, baby! It was featured in ABS-CBN's Trip na Trip and I swear, the place is awesome! And I heard the people there are so kind. I just wanna forget all my deadlines and go there now!

a tinge of sarcasm

My watch tells me it's 1:30 in the afternoon and I'm trying to catch my breath still. With tons of paperworks to submit, at the same time I have to get dirty by putting my stuff in boxes. You see, our maintenance team will be relocating me at 4 today. Okay, that's a tinge of sarcasm. They will be relocating my life. Right, another sarcasm. I am over-reacting, that one I'm sure of. The thing is, with the on-going construction our school is having (we are getting bigger, you know) my stuff will have to be transferred to a temporary room. And I just don't like changes. Even if it isn't permanent.

While I'm packing my stuff now, I keep looking at my calendar and counseling myself by saying... "hey, you freak, it's a friday today, Reedley graduation this Sunday, then your 11-day break from work. complaining? heck, stop it right now. won't get you anywhere."

And so, I'm tagging myself with this a little hello blah-blah. Huh? That's sounds weird, tagging myself... Oh yeah, I can be weird when I cram. I'm tagging Bunnie, Mari, Farah, Suzanne and Laura. Happy friday, you guys! And this tag doesn't have a trace of sarcasm. It's from the heart. Awww...

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the clean-up

It's clean-up time at work and i have to tell you, that's the least thing I like to do. A bulk of papers. Loads of loose sheets to sort. Inch thick of scratch papers to hand-out. Gosh, where do I begin?

I took off the decors on my walls. The very same decors which gave life to the 4 corners of my office for the past school year. Decors made by my counselees during our sessions. Decors that remind me of their tears, both of joy and of pain. My office looks so bare now and I wondered, "how sha
ll I design it for the new school year?"

I started searching google for possible designs and I stumbled upon this website. And
here are my finds!

These finds excite me! Really!


tagged:: 10 recent things that made me happy

Finally! A chance to do tags! Here's one from Farah, Suzanne and Vannie.

10 Recent Things That Made Me Happy
1. my 11-day break from work!
2. seeing the making of Horton Hears A Who
3. my donut and coffee breakfast today
4. kyle xy marathon!
5. my new samsung phone, free from sun cellular
6. my approved project report
7. my 2 korean counselees knocking in my office yesterday!
8. my 1k gc from italianni's!
9. weekend plans with hubby
10. my good morning kiss from hubby!

And this one too from Farah.

1. WHAT MADE YOU SMILE TODAY? --- getting to work 15 minutes earlier
2. DO YOU KNOW THAT TO LOVE IS ALSO TO --- learn how to prioritize the needs of your partner
3. ARE YOU IN LOVE? --- very much
4. ARE YOU IN A RELATIONSHIP? --- married and loving it
5. DO YOU LOVE YOUR BEST FRIEND/S? --- i love my 2 girlfriends!
6. WHAT SONG ARE YOU LISTENING TO? --- seasons of love, ost of rent
7. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SONG AT THE MOMENT? --- land of the loving by david benoit
8. WHAT ARE YOUR BIGGEST FEAR/S? --- our children living in a very corrupt Phil govt
9. WRITE DOWN NAMES OF important friends? --- evelyn and emma, my sister bom, my brother matt
11. DO YOU LIKE TO WATCH THE SUNSET WITH YOUR LOVE? --- would do anything to do this!
12. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE BOOK? --- solitaire mystery by jostein gaarder
13. WHAT CAR DO YOU DRIVE? --- none, but i would love to drive a strada
14. HAVE YOU EVER LOVED YOUR OWN BEST FRIEND? --- next question please
15. DO YOU THINK BREAK-UPS SUCK? --- it's a given emotion at the start, but at a later time you would thank Him it happened
16. TELL ME AN IMPORTANT THING ABOUT yourself. --- i'm a travel photographer wannabe
17.WHAT SPORTS DO YOU LIKE? --- mixed martial arts, hubby & i are ufc fanatics, hehehe
18. ARE YOU BORED?-- no, have lotsa things to do after this tag
19. DO YOU WANNA GO BACK TO THE PAST? --- not really, unless there's no choice
20. DO YOU HAVE BEST FRIENDS FROM THEOPPOSITE SEX? --- i have more male buddies than girlfriends
21. NAME ONE OF YOUR PETS? --- don't have one, won't have one
22. WHAT COLORS DO YOU LIKE? --- torquoise and green
23. DO YOU LIKE TO DRINK BEER UNTILYOU GET DRUNK? --- why not, as long as i'm with my hubby
24. DO YOU HAVE IMPORTANT THINGS TO SAY TO SOMEONE? --- to a group of people, that they should learn to hear 2 sides of a story
25. WHAT DO YOU DO FOR FUN? --- go outdoors and shoot
26. LOVE SOMEONE A LOT? --- my hubby!
27. ARE YOU SLEEPY NOW? --- a bit
28. IF YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO SAY "IMISS YOU", TO WHOM WOULD THAT BE? --- my friend who's now based in australia, he missed my wedding

Now, it's time to pass this on. I'm tagging Kaye and Tweety.

a memo

What a great morning it is! I just received a memo from our Upper School Head of Academic Affairs. The memo says...

To: Jan Magtoto
From: Pre-Service Committee
Date: March 26, 2008
Re: Pre-Service Talk

Greetings! Thank you very much for being one of our speakers for the Pre-Service for SY 2008-2009. Yet again, it is our chance to extend our formation not just to our students but to a fresh batch of teachers as well. You are slated to speak on:

Date and Time: 8:30 - 4:30, APRIL 18
Participants: COUNSELORS
Objectives: Know the important role that counselors play in the development of a Reesian and identify key result areas of the counselor

Please observe the following deadlines:
Training Design, April 2
Hand-outs, April 7
Powerpoint, April 7

Thank you very much. We look forward to working with you.

And I thought my 11-day break from work, scheduled from March 31 - April 14, is a genuine break from work. Well, Jan... Think of it as something you could use your idle time with. Process yourself some more... You're getting there.


horton hears a who

I know it's only Tuesday but what the heck! I can't wait for the coming weekend. Hubby and I will be seeing the film Horton Hears A Who! We are so looking forward to watching it after seeing the m
aking of the movie. Released by Warner Brothers, the animated film features the voices of Jim Carrey (Bruce Almighty, Liar Liar) and Steve Carell (Evan Almighty, The 40 Year Old Virgin).

It tells the story of a really cute elephant named Horton who, one day, hears a voice crying out for help. Turns out, the voice comes from a microscopic creature who lives in Who-ville. Apparently, these specks of dust call themselves the Whos. The whole Who-ville asks for Horton's help to protect them from harm. Horton, only hearing the Whos and not being able to see these microscopic creatures, happily agrees to help them, telling himself "A person's a person, no matter how small". Now, isn't that sweet!

Horton Hears A Who is a 1954 book by Dr. Seuss.

a new addition

There's a new addition in my shelf. It's a book written by Dr. Laura Schlessinger called The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands. It's a hand-me down, if I may put it that way, from a colleague. She got married a year before me and thought giving me this book might help as I take on a new role as a wife to my husband Gino.

It's such a shame that I have only read the back cover of the book. A lot of cat
ching up to do, I must tell you. I have this other book about marriage given by my boss a week before I got married (which is like 8 months ago!) and I have only read the first chapter. Can you believe that! I am such a delinquent reader lately. Lotsa reading to do in my 11-day break from work. Yep you read it right. Eleven glorious days of slumber. The perks of working in an academe! Woohoo!


our last tribute

At times, even if you have planned things out, life brings you to an unfamiliar place.

The morning of Maundy Thursday, my husband's lolo passed away. It was a sad news. And with that mournful truth, Gino and I decided to cancel our Holy Week plans. Quietly, with my in-laws, we went straight to Batangas to pay lolo our last tribute.

They Go To A Leaf Heaven
by Alexandra Hankova

Tomorrow, lolo will be laid to his final home. May his soul rest in peace. Goodbye lolo Isidro.

coffee break ver. 1.2

I felt feverish the past few days because of the sun's scorching heat. I admit. It was a challenge to reflect during the Holy Week because of the hot weather. Clearly, summer has officially began.

We all have varied ways of enjoying the summer. Despite Mr. Sunshine's burning rays, I love this season. It's a time for me to wear my bikini. To frolic in the beach. To get my tan. To wear colorul clothing. It's lesser work for me too.

We Filipinos are very lucky to be blessed with various places to go to during summer. We have pristine beaches to fall in-love with and mountains rich with
cluster of trees to hike. It is no surprise that tourists from all over the globe could be seen loving the Philippines. There are just too many places to visit in our country that even I can't get enough of.

This week's coffee break thus begins with this question in mind:

If you were to suggest
summer venues in the Philippines,
what 3 get-away trips
would you recommend?


stillness of the moment

In times such as this, I dream I could be as calm and as gentle as the light coming from a candle. No distractions. No anxieties. To just be myself in the stillness of the moment.

I shall be leaving my blog for a few days to spend more time with our Lord. Ask forgiveness for the mistakes and rejoice in the comfort of His mercy. Hopeful of a better way to see things, I shall be back Monday.

by Abdul Aziz M.

May we all have a reflective and meaningful Holy Week.


heartfelt gratitude

In my few months of blogging experience, I came to relize that the blog world is a gift to behold. My idea of interactive blogging, popularly known as coffee break, was warmly welcomed by my blogmates. And for you guys who were generous enough to spare my posts with your precious time, here's a sign of my heartfelt gratitude.

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That colorful bouquet is especially for Caca, Bunnie, Imelda, Joy, Kero, Sujee, Teys, Happy, Joanne, Joey, Mari, Abie, Nol and the rest who I know are quietly pondering over the sentiment I raised. Until our next coffee break!


seeking self-renewal

This is a re-post from one of the blogs I stalk. I felt like sharing it with my blogmates to help us all look into our lives and contemplate how we really are. The timing is simply perfect for this season of self-renewal and reflection.

There was a blind girl who hated herself because of her blindness.
Not only did she hate herself
but she hated everyone else,
except her loving boyfriend.

He was always there for her.
She said that if she could only see the world,
she would marry her boyfriend.

One day,
someone donated a pair of eyes to her
and then she could see everything,
including her boyfriend.

Her boyfriend asked her,
"now that you can see the world,
will you marry me?"

The girl was shocked
when she saw that her boyfriend was blind too,
and refused to marry him.
Her boyfriend walked away in tears,
and later wrote a letter to her that simply said.
"Just take care of my eyes dear."

This is how the human brain changes
when our status changes.
Only a few
what life was like before
and even fewer remember
who to thank
always being there
even when times were painfully unbearable.

Today before you think of saying an unkind word
- Think of someone who can't speak.

Before you complain about the taste of your food
- Think of someone who has nothing to eat.

Before you complain about your husband or wife
- Think of someone who's crying out to God for a companion.

Today before you complain about life
- Think of someone who went too early to heaven.

Before you complain about your children
- Think of someone who desires children but they're barren.

Before you argue about your dirty house,
someone didn't clean or sweep
- Think of the people who are living in the streets.

Before whining about the distance you drive
- Think of someone who walks the same distance with their feet.

And when you are tired and complain about your job
- Think of the unemployed,
the disabled
and those who wished they had your job.

But before you think of pointing the finger
or condemning another
- Remember that not one of us
are without sin
and we all answer to one maker.

And when depressing thoughts
seem to get you down
- Put a smile on your face
and thank God you're alive
and still around.

Source: Heavenly Inspirations by Countess Demetria

At some point in our lives, we get to the part of the road where we feel too tired already. We complain. We ache. We weep. It is at such times that we should come back to Him and just surrender all our worries. All our heartaches. All our concerns. Only when we let go of our pain, allowing Him at the same time to heal us, will we feel renewed and reborn.

I stumbled upon Gary Valenciano's song entitled Letting Go. And I feel it speaks so much about how one's faith can do great things for one's self. I'm posting a customized video of the song. And to end, I'm wishing all of us a meaningful Lenten Season.

a time to reflect

Growing up in a family who values one's religion, I have lived my entire life commiting my time to our Lord during the Lenten Season. For me, the Holy Week definitely is a time to reflect. I would most likely be in Pampanga participating in the town rituals such as processions, Way of the
Cross and prayer vigil. I have witnessed men endure self-flagellation, carrying of the cross and real crucifixion in the town of Cutud.

by Ivan Henares

In a previous post, I mentioned how excited I was to go back and take new photos in Cutud. However, with the way things are going here in Manila (I still have work until Holy Wednesday), I don't think my plans could push through. My hubby and I will instead spend the Holy Week in our house in Cainta.
I asked Gino to go to confession with me on Maundy Thursday. The morning of Good Friday, we will visit churches to do the Way of the Cross, our first time as husband and wife. As of today, I have 7 churches in mind.

1. Immaculate Conception Cathedral, Pasig
2. Sto. Rosario de Pasig Parish
3. Edsa Shrine, Ortigas
4. St. Francis Church, Mandaluyong
5. Divine Mercy, Mandaluyong
6. San Felipe Neri Church, Mandaluyong
7. Villa San Miguel, Mandaluyong

Although I know it's a time to reflect, I'll make sure I bring my camera with me. You'll never know, I might see something worth documenting.


coffee break ver. 1.1

With yesterday's observation of Palm Sunday, it quietly signifies the beginning of the Lenten Season. Catholics and Christians all over the world take time out to observe Christ's passion for a week year after year.

Here in our country, every individual has his own way of observing the Holy Week. Some attend retreats for spiritual healing and renewal. Some visit churches, also called Visita Iglesia, to experience what Christ went through by praying the Way of the Cross. For some individuals, the Lenten Season may mean a time to relax by going on out-of-town trips with family and friends. It could also mean parties and merry-making for some who feel this is their only chance to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

by Rosemary Buffoni

Given the respect and understanding that we all have our free will to choose how we spend the Holy Week, our coffee break begins with this thought in mind:

Is your Lenten Season
a time for reflection
or a time for relaxation?



It's almost 3 in the afternoon yet I haven't even posted a single entry today. A lot of you maybe wondering why. Well, it's a big day for us at work today, beginning 9a.m. until 5p.m. It's the time of the school year wherein we discuss every incident that has happened the past quarter, both the good and the bad cases. We look back at our students' progress and reflect how we could encourage thm to do better. We discuss how we could work out certain issues too. In other words, it's a meeting madness day.

I'm so happy it's a t-g-i-Friday. I can deal with the whole day meeting. Anyway, the weekend is here already. I'm passing this weekend greeting to my gorgeous blogmates Rosell, Bunnie and Suzanne. You won't mind spreading the weekend greeting, would you?

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Wait! I just had my CR break. I have to get back there. See yah soon!


not a fan

I am not a fan of animals. Even if it was the cutest puppy or the most expensive cat. No way will I even get close to them. As I said in my previous post, I find them unhygienic. Stinky. Yucky. I
respect those who adore animals, and have nothing against them. In my mama's house, they have a pitbull, old english sheepdog, dachshund and a chihuahua. They also have turtles. And before, my brother used to have reptiles as pets! Imagine seeing a snake, iguana and a chameleon! A stranger who would come to our house might even think she went to a zoo!

Fish. These ones I can deal with. Provided we have a spacious garden for a bird cage and a roomy living area for an aquarium. For now, I can only adopt a stuffed animal.

Title: Where Art Thou
What I love about this photo: This cute little lion hanging on my steel cabinet drawer looks lost and needs a home who would adopt him. Now, who can resist that friendly stare! (Shot in my office.)

coffee break ver. 1.0

The interactive blogging idea I thought of was accepted by my blogmates with an eye-popping suport! I can't wait for Monday. I feel it might sound boring to simply call it question of the week. After listing down several tag lines, I thought it would be great to call it... coffee break.

A Cup Full of Hugs
by Lorie Ogilvie

I am trying to consider the topics now. The trivial ones. And the delicate topics. So far, here are 10 essential matters I might derive the questions from. Feel free to suggest dear blogmates!

1. The Married Life
Urban vs. Rural
Sex Education
4. Exercise or Slimming Pills
Top 3 Must-See Places in Pinas
6. Splurge or Save
7. Lip Gloss vs. Lipstick
8. Violence in Cartoon Shows
Blind Dating
10. Driver or Passenger

What do you think?


interactive blogging

The blogosphere, absolutely, has brought me to a bigger world. It was just a month ago when I decided to update my posts regularly. One of the many reasons why I wanted to update was paid blogging. Aside from blogsvertise (I'm on probation as of the moment) I haven't tried other sites yet. And the idea of paid blogging, at this time, is the least of my priorities (true, I'm being honest!). For the past month, I've been so amazed with how I've reached out to fellow Filipinas in different parts of the globe. It's unbelievable! And then I thought to myself "my blogmates can't just be links in my blog, I have to get to know them more!" There must be a way to get more personal with you guys. And so I thought of trying out interactive blogging.

Coffee Break
by Ricardo Miguel

The idea goes like this: every Monday morning, Philippine time, I shall be posting a question of the week. The topic may be as trivial as changing one's hair color or it may be as serious as domestic violence. After posting, I shall make my presence felt by leaving my blogmates messages that there is a question I'd like them to think about. Commenting at the end of my question shall be optional. But of course, I will greatly appreciate it if you can leave your thoughts on it. That way, it would appear as if we're all having a chat at our favorite coffee shop.

Today's Wednesday, right? I have 4 days left to think of an interesting question to post. Hmm... What shall it be?

the problem with blogging

A new article by Malu Fernandez. Yeah, every Filipino knows her. This was published March 10 in Manila Standard. She talks about blogging this time. Read on and share your thoughts with me about it.


Just this morning I got a text telling me to check out some blog with juicy gossip about the so called “Gucci Gang” curiously enough I logged on and read all the gossip and juicy details. Whether or not the stories were true I didn’t really care to find out nor do I care to be involved. It makes no difference in my life who did what to whom it was just a leisure gossip read and I was just one of the many people who read the blog but halfway through I became quite disturbed as it made me reminiscent of the numerous blogs I was once the hot topic of.

Before I go any further I must stress the point that this is not about my previous issue, but simply the point of view of someone who has been a victim of vicious blogging and blogging as a new communication medium. To those of you who are mass/volume or dense (that’s the physics formula for density to those who are clueless) again, I repeat this is not a reaction toward my past actions.

So let me continue, first of all I believe in the freedom of speech. By all means say what you need to say. Unfortunately for most of the bloggers without advertising you get paid nothing. If in fact you do get paid then hooray for you. But blogging, aside from Perez Hilton and the other big time bloggers (you know who you are) is for me a slacker job or a medium and pastime for lonely people to connect. Unless you’re in bloody Siberia or in a Gulag prison, try stepping outside your comfort zone and turn off the laptop or pc, you just might find some real live people to talk to instead of typing away in cyber space.

On the flipside blogging can be a good source of information and a great way to exchange ideas. This I strongly encourage whether it is about politics, fashion, food or whatever topic you may choose. Friendly and healthy discussions are always great.

The difference between a journalist and a blogger is that journalists have to adhere to certain guidelines that govern the freedom of speech. And whatever a journalist chooses to write about—be it popular or unpopular—we do not hide behind an anonymous name and are resigned to the fact that we have to take as much as we dish out. However, I simply detest people who place vicious comments and slanderous statements in blogs yet sign their messages as ‘anonymous.’ If you have something to say, don’t hide behind a false name. It’s just plain cowardice of you to do so. I have more of a deep sense of respect for those—however unpopular or vicious their statements are—who post their views with their real names and make no bones about it. At least they stand for something; I would rather take it from them than the cowards that hide behind false names.

Perhaps it is the Filipino culture to foster backstabbing because they never mean what they say face to face. Just how many times have you dealt with co-workers who will smile in your face when you ask them to perform a task or engage in just plain conversation, when in fact they are quite uncomfortable with the situation and are forced to do what they absolutely detest with a smiling face. I guess it’s the kind of culture brought about by 300 years of Spanish colonization. To one particular blogger of Spanish descent but with an Indio face, don’t act like a peninsulares and quote Spanish words from the generation of your abuelita... jeez and they call me elitist. The Spanish rule is over, get over yourself and your EspaƱol relatives who used to have power... but I digress (oops, my bad...) Let’s move forward.

It’s just like all this hullabaloo about ousting GMA. You deposed ERAP in Edsa Dos. Now you’re unhappy with his replacement. Make up your minds. (For the record I’m not pro anybody I’m pro whatever lesser evil is out there). You can’t overthrow one president then decide you made a mistake with your second choice. I’s not like buying a green Hermes bag and suddenly deciding, oops I should have gotten the black one instead. Unfortunately that’s the kind of nation we have become, a bunch of wishy-washy whiners who whine about everything under the sun and found the blog sphere to be the new medium for whining. Yes we do what we have to do as a nation to get things done and stop corruption and evil (I’m all for that) but we never seem to be happy with what we have, hence the complaining and whining. It just never stops.

I suppose I started some kind of trend by eliciting nasty comments and reactions via blog because of my indiscretion. But it seems to be a comfortable medium for people to vent their anger on just about everything they disagree with. I have been called an irresponsible journalist so what does that make you? It is easy to hide under the guise of anonymity you can say just about anything you want because you have no repercussions to deal with. It’s easy to hide behind a false moniker isn’t it?

Just a thought to ponder on... Maybe I should start an anonymous blog and really let go... but then again I don’t want to be responsible for World War Three and I would sleep much better being brutally honest in your face than hide behind an anonymous name. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if I started a blog just to shake things up and got a ton of money in advertising? If I do decide to do that I thank you all in advance for inspiring me… I’m always a glass half full kinda girl anyway...

Blogmates! What can you say?

meant for a lifetime

Love is best experienced after one has gone through heartaches. Like any individual in this universe, I've had my share of failed relationships. Even the idea of getting married, at a time, was burried in the deepest part of my soul. But every bit of it changed the moment Gino and I realized the friendship we had was meant for something deeper. Something blissful. Something for keeps. Something meant for a lifetime.

Gino and I were college classmates in UP Diliman. Classes would end without me even paying him back a smile. Not even a glance. After graduation, our roads met again in Claret School of QC where we were accepted as faculty members. He was a Grade 7
Math teacher, I was a Pre-School teacher. Gino and I were always in the parties, out-of-town trips and summer breaks. We shared our laughter. We shared our angsts. We shared our dreams. We shared our differences. The days spent together grew special each minute. It was strengthened and tested to the limits. The friendship became stronger. It got deeper. The 2 year-friendship eventually grew into love. From then on, labski was how we called each other.

It was a relationship filled with love, trust and respect. We've wept and we've giggled. We've fought and we've forgiven. A year and a half after, the proposal came. And the wedding was set, 070307, exactly on our third year as labskis.

What I'm looking forward to by July 3, 2007
is to start and end each day with the only woman
I chose to spend my life with.
A kiss to start the day right
and a hug to take away all my worries.
- Gino's text message,
6th of January 2007

Marriage is something you have to work at, you and your spouse. You have to love 3 things: each other, your children, your marriage. There may be times that you fight, and sometimes you won't even like each other. But those are the times you have to love your marriage. Look at your wedding photos. Look at any memories you've made. And if you believe in those memories, they will pull you back together. -excerpt from Mitch Albom's book entitled For One More Day.


tribute to teachers

Last February 14, our school celebrated our annual Teachers' Day. As a tribute to them, I was asked to make an AVP (audio-visual presentation) to give them thanks and to highlight the events of the schoolyear. It took me awhile before I could post it here. I had to re-size the video because it was too large.

A Lower School 2 student came to me after watching, wiping a tear. "Ms. Magtoto, I'm going to miss school when it's over".

Music used: Ice Age OST, Childhood (Michael Jackson), Journey (Leah Salonga)

Photo Credits: Better Photo, Parc Photography, Labski Fotografi

Journaling: WHY GOD MADE TEACHERS by Kevin William Huff
When God created teachers he gave us special friends
To help us understand his world
And truly comprehend
The beauty and the wonder
Of everything we see

life is beautiful

Life is a gift. In every way possible, we must learn to treasure it. The wind. The sunset. The sound of raindrops on your window pane. The cry of a new born baby. The sand on your toes. The sight of a rainbow after a dark storm. The warm arms wrapped around you. The savory taste of your favorite meal. The morning sunshine. Life is beautiful.

Credits: Banner Woman Designs_antique frames elements, Anne Schlegel_sing the blues kit, Font_Jane Austen

tagged:: some facts and a line

Here are some tags I unconsciously buried in my mind. There's the word unconscious. Meaning it wasn't intentional. I just sort of forgot about it. Because of tons of deadlines I have to meet at work. Cheers to Mem for the human line. Love you sis! Apologies for the delay!

Rule: Copy the entire list and add your name on the person who tagged you. Then tag at least 5 friends (but you can tag as many as you like) and visit their blog to let them know you tagged them.

I'm tagging Vien, Agring, Sheena, Weng and Laura. Queue up guys!

Here's a tag from Farah and Vien. She calls it 8 facts about yourself.

In the 8 Facts About Yourself, you share 8 things that your readers don’t know about you. Then at the end you tag at least 8 other bloggers to keep the fun going. Here are the rules.

* Each blogger must post these rules first.
* Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
* Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
* At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
* Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.****

My list:
1. I graduated at UP Diliman.
2. I have 18 units left in my Masters in Guidance and Counseling (also in UPD).
3. I worked as a pre-school teacher in Claret School of QC for 4 years.
4. I'm on my third year as a guidance counselor in an international school.
5. I love the sand and the beach.
6. I love sunbathing.
7. I
love taking photos of sunsets and macro shots of flowers.
8. I love being pampered by my husband!

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Now it's time for you to share something about yourself: Bunnie, Mem, Tess, SexyMom, Deborah, Abie, Rose and Roselle.

highly effective advertising

I have a number of friends working in the challenging world of advertising. And I am alway
s amazed with how they present their products. This high school friend of mine, who's now based in Australia, used to work for this mobile network. He would often share with me how he would sometimes crop the hand of this beautiful and sassy model because her fingers looked wrinkled and ugly. He would change the model's hands with the concert king's hands. His fingers, apparently, looked candle-like. Once, when this model guested on a talk show, I looked at her fingers and thought it looked like the hands of my mom's helper. Ooh, I'm such a meanie!

Advertising is not for everyone. One must possess a lot of wit and creativity to succeed in that field. And I must say that a huge amount of imagination helped create these following advertisments!

No that's creativity at its finest!



I am!

Meetings here and there. I can hardly breathe! I'm not complaining. Nah-ah. Just blurting out my emotions. I am dead tired and I'm off from work at 5. That's still 2 long hours for me. And I still need to prepare some papers, do tech-runs for tomorrow's Luau party.

God. I need a massage. Labski, will you? I know I still owe you one. I told you yesterday I'll give you a massage after you cleaned the house. I ended up taking a nap from 3-6pm while you did a general cleaning. And when I woke up? I was still too lazy to even get up from bed. What has happened to me. So antukin lately.

I think I know why. I want a vacation. I want to go the the beach. I want to get a tan. Yeah, I know. My color hasn't returned yet after our grande island trip. So what? Being fair-skinned is not that important to me anyway. I value getting a tan more because when I do, that means I had one hellava time!

Breathless. I am. But yeah. I'm not complaining. Nope.

citronella oil suppliers

Hey everyone! Hubby & I used to go to this store in Divisoria to by citronella and other essential oils for our home. Citronella oil is very effective in driving away mosquitoes & other insects. Sobra kase kong habulin ng lamok & insekto (wehehe) and whenever they get a chance to sting me, arrgggh! It leaves an ugly dark spot on my skin! The last time we checked out the store in Divisoria, it's already closed! Waah!

Robinson's Galeria sells citronella & other oils kaso the bottle is too small! Zen Zest also sells but their scents are very limited. Would any of you know any place else that sells essential oils?


officially ended

The school year officially ended yesterday. At least in our school. Mixed emotions, if I may say it.

Most of us are glad that work is much lesser at summertime. During this season, guidance counselors like me help in the admissions process. We conduct pre-service and in-service seminars for the faculty and staff. We go on an out-of-town trip with the whole administration and staff too.

In a teeny-weeny-little way, we are emotional too. Because most of our students have left us for schools in other countries. And there's very little chance we'd see them again.

Me with 2 of my favorite regular visitors

Working in a school is like that. Our life is a neverending saga of Hellos and Goodbyes.


another american idol entry

Just read from a fanatic the latest result of the American Idol eliminations.

Kady Malloy eliminated
(Thank heavens!)

Luke Menard eliminated

Asia'h Epperson eliminated
(What t
he *$@%!!! Why her?)

Danny Noriega eliminated
(I'll miss his flirty and girly stage performance. Sniff.)

At least Ramiele Malubay is still hanging in there. And Michael Johns. And David Cook! Yeah!