an attempt on coffee break

I know I have been to pre-occupied lately that I have failed to answer even my own
coffee break question. Poor me. I apologize to my blogmates, who never fail to participate in it, for my very late response. Here are my choices:

1. At the top would still be Camiguin Island. Had our honeymoon there. Will definitely come back soon to have a different feel of the island. We weren't able to take much photos, you know why! (wink wink)

2. My second choice would be the mystical island of Siquijor. I do have apprehensions of going there because of the ghost stories and black magic. But each time I see photos of the island, aah. makes me wanna pack my things and catch the next trip going there.

3. Last, but definitely not the least, Kero's hometown. Batanes, baby! It was featured in ABS-CBN's Trip na Trip and I swear, the place is awesome! And I heard the people there are so kind. I just wanna forget all my deadlines and go there now!


Unknown said...

Jan!! Pwedeng sumama sa Batanes? :D

Jessica said...

me too gusto ko punta ng batanes! :D

jan celiz-magtoto said...

taralets! hehe, parang ganun lang kadali ano?

Khaye said...

beautiful pictures jan!

Rocks said...

hi jan! gusto ko rin pumnta sa Batanes!!! and of course Camiguin ius always on my list of places to go to someday :)

Ozzy's Mom said...

good choices jan!
been to #1 ~ super nice. have u been sa white island? super super nice.

re #2 ny hubby's hometow.it's an undiscovered paradise!

never been to #3...mybe soon ^_^