camiguin island, philippines

Because I can feel the heat of the sun, telling us it's summer already, it's about time I feature Camiguin Island. Said to be a Province Born on Fire, Camiguin has 7 volcanoes, yet you need just a day to tour the whole island. The province is filled with cold and hot springs, green forests, majestic waterfalls and pristine beaches. And of all the places my husband and I have been to, by
far, Camiguin Island is the best vacation get-away.

The day after we got married, my husband and I went straight to Camiguin via Cagayan De Oro for our honeymoon, July of 2007. Gino and I stayed at the Camiguin Highland Resort in Soro-Soro, Mambajao. The resort offers a luxurious lifestyle with all the amenities it offers, add to that the hospitality of the crew. They arranged an island tour for us, which was time-friendly (or should I say honeymoon-friendly ) for me and my husband.

CHR pool area

CHR play area

A quiet time after lunch at Club Marina (native-inspired restaurant owned by CHR)

One of the must-visit places in Camiguin is Mantigue Island. A 5-10 minute boatride will bring you to this quiet paradise which is blessed with marine life. You can go snorkeling. You can bathe in its torquoise-colored water. Or you may simply sit in silence by the shore while your clams or fish are cooked by the residents. Yes you read it right. With just a little amount of money, you get to taste Mantigue Island's freshwater treasure.

A fisherman's vessel

The quiet shore of Mantigue Island

My husband and the island's torquoise water

Wacko me horseplaying at Mantigue Island

The Sunken Cemetery, washed-out by a volcanic eruption in 1871, is an ideal place to admire the setting of the sun. It is said that one could go snorkeling there too. But with my sometimes creepy thoughts, I just couldn't try that one adventure.

My husband with his illusion of the Sunken Cemetery

Nature lovers like me and my husband just couldn't help but marvel at the beauty of Katibawasan Falls. The sound of its cascading water would take you to Neverland. And the coldness of the water, as it touches your feet, would make you want to cuddle the love of your life and whisper to her how grateful you are for bits and pieces of your life spent with her (my husband did that!).

Me warmly cuddled by my husband

A short 10-minute boatride from the town of Mambajao brings you to a delightful paradise, Camiguin's White Island. It truly is heaven on earth the very second you feel the sand embrace your toes. An obviously splendid work of God, the sandbar stretches under the bright blue sky. The water is perfectly crystal-clear you could see the sun's ray bouncing on it.

My husband sandwiched by the sky and the sand

Playful me fooling around

A boatman leaving the sandbar

The unbelievable beauty of the sandbar

If you're planning for your much-needed out-of-town trip, not by any chance should you miss out on Camiguin. Without a doubt, Camiguin is my piece of heaven. Make it yours too!

More photos

How to get there:

an hour plane ride via cagayan de oro
an hour and a half private van (or bus) ride from CDO airport to Balingoan port
an hour ferry ride from Balingoan port to Benoni port
a 30-minute private van (or jeepney) ride from Benoni port to Camiguin Highland Resort

Camiguin Highland Resort Contact Details:
Orasan, Soro-soro, Mambajao
Telephone No: (088) 387-0515 to 19
Fax No: (088) 387-0516
Cellphone No: (63)920-953-3295


""rarejonRez"" said...

awww! sarap naman dito sis! taga-cdo po ako and i am going home soon. and soon, too, magpapa-camiguin din kami. hehe! looks like u had a great time on ur honeymoon. camiguin was one perfect place for it. thanks for sharing ur lovely photos! :) memorable, ain't it?

jan celiz-magtoto said...

@rare*jonrez: you're from CDO? sayang nga, wasn't able to do white-water rafting. we went straight to camiguin kase. when will you go there?