heartfelt gratitude

In my few months of blogging experience, I came to relize that the blog world is a gift to behold. My idea of interactive blogging, popularly known as coffee break, was warmly welcomed by my blogmates. And for you guys who were generous enough to spare my posts with your precious time, here's a sign of my heartfelt gratitude.

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That colorful bouquet is especially for Caca, Bunnie, Imelda, Joy, Kero, Sujee, Teys, Happy, Joanne, Joey, Mari, Abie, Nol and the rest who I know are quietly pondering over the sentiment I raised. Until our next coffee break!


Unknown said...

Thanks sis! Your welcome :)

Next Monday ulit ;)

Bunnie said...

You're very welcome!

Continue sharing your "bits and pieces" :-)

mari said...

your welcome jan :) looking forward for mondays because of your coffee break version :D

happy said...

Welcome.. :) I'd also want to say thank you for visiting my blog. It will be a month old this monday. It's really a very new blog so I appreciate your visiting it.

thanks. :)

abie said...

you're very much welcome sis...

to your next coffee break...


theworkingmom said...

It's been fun! :)


Jessica said...

hi jan, sorry very late reply.

thanks for this tag. i'll be posting this at http://blogecca.blogspot.com dito ko kasi nilalagay lahat ng tags ang awards.

thanks ulit. :)