officially ended

The school year officially ended yesterday. At least in our school. Mixed emotions, if I may say it.

Most of us are glad that work is much lesser at summertime. During this season, guidance counselors like me help in the admissions process. We conduct pre-service and in-service seminars for the faculty and staff. We go on an out-of-town trip with the whole administration and staff too.

In a teeny-weeny-little way, we are emotional too. Because most of our students have left us for schools in other countries. And there's very little chance we'd see them again.

Me with 2 of my favorite regular visitors

Working in a school is like that. Our life is a neverending saga of Hellos and Goodbyes.


laura said...

thanks jan hehhe oo nga minsan ask me if kaano ano ko daw si sharon stone hehehe...you look like lucy torres hir...pumupunta kau divi miss ko najan i leave near there sa binondo hay kylan kaya makapunta dyan hehehe yes citronella gud mabango d ba

jan celiz-magtoto said...

@laura: i'm blushing laura! hehe, thankies for saying that.=)

Unknown said...

Ganda mo nga Jan! And your pupils are cutie pies too! :)

Hay, both stressful and fulfilling nga ang magtrabaho sa academe. :)

Have you worked on your license na as a GC? Naku, super busy ang GCs sa aming office for their license.