not a fan

I am not a fan of animals. Even if it was the cutest puppy or the most expensive cat. No way will I even get close to them. As I said in my previous post, I find them unhygienic. Stinky. Yucky. I
respect those who adore animals, and have nothing against them. In my mama's house, they have a pitbull, old english sheepdog, dachshund and a chihuahua. They also have turtles. And before, my brother used to have reptiles as pets! Imagine seeing a snake, iguana and a chameleon! A stranger who would come to our house might even think she went to a zoo!

Fish. These ones I can deal with. Provided we have a spacious garden for a bird cage and a roomy living area for an aquarium. For now, I can only adopt a stuffed animal.

Title: Where Art Thou
What I love about this photo: This cute little lion hanging on my steel cabinet drawer looks lost and needs a home who would adopt him. Now, who can resist that friendly stare! (Shot in my office.)

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Unknown said...

I totally adore cats since I was young. Pero I had to turn my attention and affection to my little baby when I got pregnant. Ayun.
But there was a time when I gave birth and I was holding the little baby in my arms and I was so overwhelmed with her cuteness that I blurted, "Ang cute naman ng miming na ito!" Then I realized that I was not holding a cat. LOL!
Ay, ang daldal ko! :D