ramiele malubay scandal

Hubby and I got worried when we got this scoop about Ramiele Malubay's scandal photos. We were so curious what it might be. Could it be a picture of her kissing her boyfriend? Nude photo of her similar to the High School Musical star? Or could it be just a dirty trick of revenge from someone she offended?

It turns out not that much of a scandal at all. As I see it, it seems to me that this Ramiele photo and this one too simply show a young individual goofing around with friends. What appears to be more serious is that of David Hernandez' past.

He was said to be a former club stripper at a gay club in Phoenix called Dick's Cabaret. Although American Idol producers say they don't care at all about his past and that they would let him stay.

Come to think of it. This is a singing contest anyway. It's not a competition between people having the most morally upright personality. Of course as much as possible we want them with a clean past. After all, millions of people around the globe, with mostly the 12-20 something crowd, watch them and look up to these American Idol contenders.

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