weekend plans

Weekends are totally sacred days for me and my husband. We mostly spend it by visiting our families. If not, either we stay at home or go some place to relax. For this weekend, here are the plans:

1. attend Anti-Bullying Seminar for School Counselors in the morning (hubby will be sleeping while I'm out)
2. cook fried tilapia when I get home (hubby by then will be cleaning the house)
3. hubby washes the undies (yes he does!) while I take a nap
4. anticipated Mass together at the Edsa Shrine at 530pm
5. cook chicken tinola (hubby reformats our PC)
6. TV time


1. prepare breakfast
2. get my new phone from Sun Cellular! (my 2-year contract recently ended and I just renewed it!)
3. have lunch at the Robinson's Galleria (Chef D' Angelo maybe, hubby's been bugging me to dine out there, been awhile since we last ate there)
4. nap together when we get home
5. cook cheesy pork caldereta (one of hubby's favorite) while we plan (again) for the Holy Week
6. play Azada and hopefully finish it this time (it's our favorite puzzle game, I look for the clues and hubby solves the strategic games)

It might look kinda boring for some, but for us, activities spent together are priceless moments we always look forward to.


Rocks said...

hi! seems to be a wonderful weekened, as long as it's spend together with someone you love di ba? Like you, I always look forward to our weekends too because it's only the days where we can nap and have lunch together :)

Happy weekend!

jan celiz-magtoto said...

hi rocks! i'm glad you and i share the same sentiments. i wanted to check out your blog but it says the profile is unavailable. anyway, thankies for dropping by!

Rocks said...

hi! glad you found it! anywyas, I posted about our weekend too and mentioned that I was inspired ny this post. :)

will link you too..