alexandrea lushington eliminated?

The biggest shocker of my life (at least for the month of February) happened Friday night. Blame it on American Idol.

1. The moment Alexandrea Luchington's name was called, I was pulling my hair with eyebrows up in the heavens, as I yelled "what the heck?!". I mean, I felt she did well in her own version of Chicago's If You Leave Me Now. The only flaw was because the song didn't highlight her voice That might have brought her down. But there were other girls who'd better leave, you know!

2. I got more emotional when David Archuleta was shown wiping his tears while Alexandrea sang (shown in the video at 3:23 and 3:55) Oh man! She even went down the stage to give him a hug (at 4:25)! That was such a tearful moment that I ended up wiping my own tears. Sniff. Sniff. It was said they've known each other way back in Star Search days and thus, developed a deeper level of friendship.

3. "Crazy!" It just came out of my mouth when Kady Malloy was announced safe. Meaning Alaina Whitaker was to leave. Although I thought they both deserved to go home, between the two of them, I'll vote Kady out!

4. Robbie Carrico losing over Luke Menard? It must be a joke! Big, big joke! I wanted to cover my ears the whole Luke was singing! Unbelievable.

After Tuesday and Wednesday's performances, I conidently told my husband I was sure Alaina, Kady, Jason (Yeager) and Luke would go home. Okay, I was only 50% right. So what! I hate the thought that I won't get to watch Alexandrea anymore. Thanks to youtube, I can still see her 2 AI performances.

Darn! Why am I so hooked at the American Idol Season 7 anyway?

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