say it with flowers

I adore flowers.

In one conversation my husband and I had, Gino asked me why women liked to receive flowers. For Christ's sake, I didn't know how to answer his very simple query. FYI, my husband is a frustrated debater. He's very good in reasoning out. If he was to attend a class on Argumentation 101, he'll surely outwit his professor.

And so, I ended up telling him "Just!", a typical Korean response which in Tagalog means "Basta". Gino knows I love to fill our house with flowers. He is aware that my all-time favorite is a yellow calla lily (which was used as my wedding bouquet). He understands that I want to have my own flower shop. He realized just recently that given much time, I would enrol myself in a crash course in flower arrangement.

As I think of the question again, I thought of posting photos of flowers I took last year. Here are some of my favorite images.

Flowers carry an unexplainable air of calmness. Its colors. Its softness. Its glamour. Its beauty. It comforts a weary soul. It romances a passionate spirit. It celebrates a blissful milestone.

Once in a while, words are better left unsaid. In those moments, we instinctively say it with flowers.


Ibyang said...

nice photos :)

Anonymous said...

lovely flower photos.