on our 8th month together!

Today marks our 8th month as the married labskis. Counting the days, that would be 243 lovely days. Counting the months, that's an enchanting 44 months. I couldn't think of anything priceless to give to my hubby other than a scrap of him (and a real tight warm hug). So last Friday, while I was waiting for him to get home from work, I created a scrap of him from images taken of our Camiguin Island honeymoon. It took me awhile choosing which photos to use because I didn't want a scrap of a single picture. And then I thought to myself, I want this scrap to show Gino's high-spiritedness. The very reason why, above anything or anyone in this world, I love my animated and perky husband.

Credits: Lorrie M_old photographs & memories kit , ShabbyPrincess_shabby fall kit , MDSRubia_island girl sampler kit , Font_scribbled sans, Font_miss

Journaling: I would take the stars out of the sky for you. Stop the rain from falling if you ask me to. I'll do anything for you, your wish is my command. I could move a mountain when your hand is in my hand. Words cannot express how much you mean to me. There must be some other way to make you see. If it takes my heart and soul you know I'd pay the price. Everything that I possess I'd gladly sacrifice. You to me are everything. (The Real Thing)

His reaction as he saw this scrap? Wow! Ang galing-galing mo talaga. So creative! Who would have thought the color orange would look good on this? Who would have thought how to arrange the photos neatly? Who would have thought of using this song for journaling?

Well, my labski... did it all because it was you I was scrapping about. (hugs. hugs. hugs.)

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