I am!

Meetings here and there. I can hardly breathe! I'm not complaining. Nah-ah. Just blurting out my emotions. I am dead tired and I'm off from work at 5. That's still 2 long hours for me. And I still need to prepare some papers, do tech-runs for tomorrow's Luau party.

God. I need a massage. Labski, will you? I know I still owe you one. I told you yesterday I'll give you a massage after you cleaned the house. I ended up taking a nap from 3-6pm while you did a general cleaning. And when I woke up? I was still too lazy to even get up from bed. What has happened to me. So antukin lately.

I think I know why. I want a vacation. I want to go the the beach. I want to get a tan. Yeah, I know. My color hasn't returned yet after our grande island trip. So what? Being fair-skinned is not that important to me anyway. I value getting a tan more because when I do, that means I had one hellava time!

Breathless. I am. But yeah. I'm not complaining. Nope.

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