our luau party

As the School Year 2007 - 2008 ends this month, our department will be hosting a Farewell Dinner for our Middle School students. This year's theme is luau. The party will surely be filled with bright colors and lively entertainment. As a member of the Awards Committee, I was given the task to design a certificate to be given out to chosen awardees. Most of the awards are cool tags such as Sudoku Master and Rubiks King. Below are 3 sample designs I created last night. I would gladly appreciate your suggestions. Please leave a comment too which one you like most.

Luau Certificate Sample 1

Luau Certificate Sample 2

Luau Certificate Sample 3

Credits are the following for the papers and fonts I used: Nicole Kaltenecker_mille fleur , Anne Langpap_july pea kit , Anne Langpap_may pea kit , Font_Miss , Font_Century Gothic.

This year's Luau Party is going to be held on Tuesday, March 11th at the Corinthian Garden Clubhouse. Wait. Isn't that next week already? Quick! Help me choose the best certificate!

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