coffee break ver. 1.0

The interactive blogging idea I thought of was accepted by my blogmates with an eye-popping suport! I can't wait for Monday. I feel it might sound boring to simply call it question of the week. After listing down several tag lines, I thought it would be great to call it... coffee break.

A Cup Full of Hugs
by Lorie Ogilvie

I am trying to consider the topics now. The trivial ones. And the delicate topics. So far, here are 10 essential matters I might derive the questions from. Feel free to suggest dear blogmates!

1. The Married Life
Urban vs. Rural
Sex Education
4. Exercise or Slimming Pills
Top 3 Must-See Places in Pinas
6. Splurge or Save
7. Lip Gloss vs. Lipstick
8. Violence in Cartoon Shows
Blind Dating
10. Driver or Passenger

What do you think?

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