It's almost 3 in the afternoon yet I haven't even posted a single entry today. A lot of you maybe wondering why. Well, it's a big day for us at work today, beginning 9a.m. until 5p.m. It's the time of the school year wherein we discuss every incident that has happened the past quarter, both the good and the bad cases. We look back at our students' progress and reflect how we could encourage thm to do better. We discuss how we could work out certain issues too. In other words, it's a meeting madness day.

I'm so happy it's a t-g-i-Friday. I can deal with the whole day meeting. Anyway, the weekend is here already. I'm passing this weekend greeting to my gorgeous blogmates Rosell, Bunnie and Suzanne. You won't mind spreading the weekend greeting, would you?

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Wait! I just had my CR break. I have to get back there. See yah soon!


Unknown said...

Hi Jan! Thanks for the TGIF joy! Hay naku, it is going to be a tough weekend for me. Baccalaureate and graduation na on Sunday. I am part of the documentors of the event, one of the photographers ako. Haaay! I am not feeling well pa. Naku na lang. Plus we are going to have a mock board for our BSN graduating students on Monday and Tuesday and I will be one of the proctors. Oh joy. :)
Enjoy your weekend!!

Kero said...

thank you for the greetings, Jan. Friday and saturdays are always happy here in the gulf because that is our weekend. have a great weekend too with your family....and keep the tag coming!

Rhea said...

Hi Jan,

I've got a tag for you in my blog. Hope you have a blessed week ahead.