christmas rush

This is what happens when you don't plot events and follow your calendar. You end up going crazy cramming. If you guys have been checking out my blog the past few days, you would definitely notice how rarely I update. I have been hit by the Christmas rush big time!

My husband and I have long been done with our Christmas shopping. I have wrapped gifts as well. However, the parties here and there have been overlooked and we ended up feeling swamped with these events!

To all my blogmates... my apologies for not updating you with our coffee break sessions. You won't be seeing and hearing much of me until the year ends because I don't go online that often these days. I won't make promises! But I will try to check you out as I cling on to this season like dear old Santa here. Don't get me wrong though 'cause I am not complaining. To be honest, I am having the greatest Christmas of my married life!

Merry Christmas blogosphere!


coffee break ver. 1.48

It was 19 degrees celsius yesterday, the coldest time of this year's holiday season. And while we all searched our closets, looking for our funkiest sweaters and jackets, Christmas carols could be heard from outside of our house.

Back in my mother's house, I remember my siblings and I make fun of carolers. Before giving them a small amount of money, we request songs for them to sing. And whenever they grant our requests, we joyfully sing with them. Of course the songs we would normally ask them to sing are the ones we know by heart, such as O Come All Ye Faithful and Silver Bells. If the carolers are the cute ones, we request them to sing the all-time favorite Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and my favorite Tagalog song --- Kumukutikutitap.

Credits: Anne Langpap_july pea tag


reedley reaches out

When Reedley reaches out to our less fortunate brothers and sisters, our students go through a life-changing experience. In just a few hours, they get to realize how blessed they are being born in their families. Yes, communication problems will always be evident on such occasions. But sometimes, a simple touch and a shy smile makes up for it.

Last week, the Tahanan ng Pagmamahal children paid our school a visit. Our students prepared a lot of games and food for them. It was heart-warming to see our flawless and sweet-smelling students cuddling and giggling with the dark-skinned orphans. Their skintones and language did not stop both camps from learning from one another.

On that fateful day, the children of Tahanan ng Pagmamahal learned how to play the Korean jackstone, chess, charades, snakes and ladders. They got to watch a magic show presented by our students. They also got to taste gourmet food. On our end, our students learned the value of sharing and gratitude.


hail UP oblation

My husband and I are proud UPians. Proud meaning, we would do anything to proclaim to the world how much the University of the Philippines has changed us, mentally, emotionally and politically. The UP System has played a major role on how we rationalize on things, especially if it concerns our government. All the days spent in the University of the Philippines, from college up to the days of our graduate studies, are valued. The fraternity riots. The rally and boycott-the-class days. The Unos and Cincos. The UP fairs. Dropping out of Math 17. The Ikot and Toki rides. The Sunken
Garden nights. The Isaw gimiks. The Chocolate Kiss dinners. All these experiences weave a colorful blanket of memories.

Proclaiming to the world the greatness of the University of the Philippines on its
Centennial Year has come close to me and my husband. Receiving a message about featuring 100 male UP students, alumni, faculty and staff for a photo shoot entitled Hail UP Oblation was an invitation we just couldn't resist. My husband, though reluctant at first, eventually embraced the idea of posing beside the UP Oblation wearing nothing but a flesh-colored tanga covered with a fig leaf. With an objective the photos will be featured at Time Magazine in celebration of UP's Centennial Year, with a wide grin, we blocked off the date and headed our way to the UP Ampitheather last December 13 at 4:30 in the morning.

What a historical day it was! Years from now, I can imagine myself proudly showing my crease-filled copy of Time Magazine to our grandchildren, "
That's your Lolo imitating the UP Oblation!"

100 live UP oblation men at the frontpage of Philippine Daily Inquirer
and other leading newspapers
(There's my proud husband!)

Here's a wacky shot of the group
(Hubby is 2nd from the right, arms in the air)

View more photos at Aei's multiply.

absence makes the blog

... boring and dull!

I bet you all agree with me. The days I was gone in the blogosphere were the most dull moments of this blog. I wanted to post a lot of stuff! A lot of things were happening in my life and I wanted to share them with you. But our internet connection was busted for days. For whatever reason, I didn't even wanna know!

Now that I am back, there are a lot of things I need to share with the blogosphere. For now, I am patting myself on the back for a well-spent weekend! News about it will be posted later.


fotoloco invades reedley

About a month ago, in line with Candy Magazine's School Tour, Fotoloco invaded Reedley International School. It was part of the Upper School Department's Substance Abuse Prevention Week. With free photos, magazines and cookies for everyone, what transpired that day was a wacky experience for both faculty and students.

Here is a photo of my Lower School 1 kids.

And here is how my team and I look
when kids aren't looking!
That's me in my blazer.

See more of our faculty and students here.


food for the soul 12.2008

Breathe deeply.
And appreciate the moment.
Living in the moment could be the meaning of life.

Photo Credits: LunaDiRimmel

marky cielo's early demise

To some of us, he is just another name in showbiz. But to his fellow Igorots, Mark Angelo Cadaweng Cielo is a living testimony that even teenagers having indigenous roots can make it big in the industry. At 10 AM of Sunday, December 07, he was found dead in his Antipolo house. Although a lot of peopple said he died in his sleep (bangungot), Marky Cielo's early demise is still being investigated by the police as of press time.

Marky's name rose to stardom when he won the Batch 3 of GMA 7's Starstruck with Gian Carlo, Iwa Moto and Jackie Rice. He has starred in a number of shows in the network such as Zaido, Codename: Asero, SOP and the primetime series La Lola. He also hosted the GMA 7 documentary entitled Kalam which talked about the rice problems of the Philippines. Originally from the northern part of the country, Marky Cielo grew up in Butuan City. In 2001, they moved back to the Mountain Province, which made him fluent in both Bisaya and

Without any hesitation, I am writing this post in memory of this young actor known for being a good-natured boy and talented dancer. Together with his family and members of the Cordillera organization, let us all pray that his soul find peace with our Creator.

a queen in our castle

After 3 days of absence in the blogosphere, I am finally back. Hit with cough and colds, I had to stay at home doing nothing in bed. My husband did everything for me, from preparing our meals to making sure I take my medicines on time. Awww, you're so sweet labski! I felt like a queen in our castle the whole weekend!

I'm getting sickly lately. Must be the weather. So, what did I miss in the blogosphere the past 3 days?


the missing transcript

I have been bothered by my missing transcript for almost a month now. You see, I need the updated version (the one with my MA units) for my promotion at work and the correction of my birth certificate.

But last month, as I searched every corner of my old room in my mama's house, the transcript couldn't be found! Requesting for another copy of it from the University of the Philippines will take about 2-3 months of waiting. And my deadline for submitting it is January 2009.

But guess what. I found it just here in my office cabinet, folded neatly! Yeeey!

coffee break ver. 1.47

Everywhere we go, the spirit of Christmas is present. Children singing carols. The city filled with glowing lights and trinkets. Shopping malls offering their items in big discounts. People carrying a warmer than usual smile. Parties and reunions here and there. Bumper to bumper traffic.

We all have our own memories of Christmas, both the merry and the not so merry times. In this month of December, we will have feel-good coffee break conversations about Christmas. After all, this season is really the best time to feel joyful. Not because of the gifts we will be receiving. Not because of the parties we will be attending. Not because of the bonuses our pockets will be getting. Christmas is a joyful occasion because it is the time when we can reach out to people as we proclaim to the world the gift of having that child in the manger.

Credits: NBX_xmas tree
Traci Turchin_garden evening kit paper

fun with photos at photofunia

I love looking at photos. And I love taking photos too. It creates lasting memories. Each one brings us back in time. People have various ways of adding life to their photos. We make scrapbooks. We write captions about it. We frame them. We hang it some place where others may see it. This morning, while hopping in the blogosphere, I discovered a way to have fun with photos at Photofunia. Look at what I did!

This one looks so real.

I wonder if people will crowd over my portrait
if it was featured in an exhibit.

My wedding photo at the mall? Why not!

A photo I took used as an advertisement?
That's a dream and I would do
anything for that!

Now that I've shared this with you, it's your turn. Go have fun with Photofunia!

joyful and triumphant

One of my favorite Christmas carol is Oh Come All Yeh Faithful. Whenever I listen to it, I am filled with the Christmas spirit. It also never fails to bring me back to early memories of children dressed up as angels singing at the Simbang Gabi. It isn't surprising that I used that same song for our December calendar. Here it is.


feeling lethargic

It must be the holiday season. Christmas carols. Gift-giving. Family reunions. The cold weather at night and early morning makes me wanna stay in bed. I am on vacation mode! And preparing for work on weekdays leaves me feeling lethargic.

This day really is the sluggish day of all. I couldn't even count the number of times I yawned! The monthly visitor could be a factor too. To wake me up, I am now drinking my second cup of coffee.

I have to do something when I get home later so I would be up on my toes again. I still have 14 working days to face before I could rest and enjoy the Christmas break. Oh dear. When my husband reads this post he surely wouldn't be happy. Unlike me, he gets very excited each day knowing how close we are in celebrating our second holiday season. Tsk tsk tsk.

A project. I need to have one so I could be hyperactive again! But what? Oh yeah! I still have to finish my 2009 desk calendar!

christmas centerpiece

Some old Christmas decors at home were collecting dust and I kept thinking how I would dispose them. Wait! What did I say again, dispose? No way, Jose. Let's recycle!!! How about making a beautiful Christmas centerpiece for the table? Sounds good to me!

Materials Needed:
- basket
- clear vase
- candle (make sure it will fit your vase)
- gold trimmings
- red poinsettias
- red crepe paper torn into pieces
- Christmas lights

How To Do It:
1. Scatter the torn pages of crepe paper on the basket. Since my poinsettias are red, I used red crepe paper.
2. Arrange the clear vase at the center of the basket. Place the candle inside the vase. Choose a plain candle in white (or follow your color scheme).
3. With the Christmas lights plugged in, arrange it beginning at the foot of the vase to the edges of the basket. Make sure that the basket is well lit by scattering the lights around it.
4. When you're done placing the Christmas lights, put the red poinsettias at the base of the basket with its petals hanging at the edges. To add some color, layer the gold trimmings around the body of the vase.
5. Dim the lights in your dining area and light your candle. Voila! You have your DIY Christmas centerpiece!

Peso Power:
- 17" diameter Christmas basket: FREE! (old native fruit basket)
- 10 red poinsettias: FREE! (old stuff from my MIL)
- red crepe paper: FREE! (old stuff in my cabinet)
- gold trimmings: PHP 90.00 (Tiangge)
- Christmas lights: PHP 50.00 (Tiangge)
- plain white candle 6" x 2.5": PHP 67.00 (Wax and Candle Store)


Creating this DIY centerpiece was so consumer-friendly because it took just a small amount from Christmas budget. But the end product looked really elegant!


missing a $7 post

And so the weekend had passed without me even thinking of going online. I got too pre-occupied with Christmas shopping, family dinner and DVD marathons. The result? I missed a $7 post.

It was sent to me Saturday afternoon. At that time, I was probably swimming beneath a pile of Guess clothing, in search of a fine new top for me. Oh dear, what a chance I missed. This is what I get from being a delinquent blogger.

My husband told me not to fret, that I'll be getting a new task soon. Yeah, be proactive Jan! I hope I get a new chance soon.


coronia family holiday postcard

I thought it would be wonderful to share my digital finds with my bosom buddies in college. After all, Christmas is not only about Peace, Love and Joy. It is also about Sharing. And so, I made another postcard ready for printing. Blogmates, here's what I did from Michelle Coleman's Template --- the Coronia Family holiday postcard.

That photo of brothers Alex and Gio is so lovely! Happy holidays blogmates!


holiday postcards

With technology playing a huge part of our lives these days, sending out holiday postcards to our loved ones is very rare. Instead, to express our holiday greetings, we would normally send text messages, emails or chats. With 3G nowadays, video conference is even possible.

This 2008 h
oliday season, my husband and I thought of greeting our loved ones the old-school way. And these postcard templates come in handy! Other than its artistic designs and layouts, what I love most about it is that it's for free! After inserting our photos and adding a personal greeting, I'm having them printed this weekend at Picturebooks in EDSA Shangri-la Mall. Click each photo to see a bigger view.

Postcard 1

Postcard 2

Heartwarming postcards, right? Grab the templates HERE!

coffee break ver. 1.46

A warm hug. A child's shy smile. My favorite scent. A cold glass of water. My husband professing his love for me. A student calling out my name sweetly. A sincere text message from a friend. My favorite song played on my player. A sudden rush of inspiring dreams. A quiet time for praying.

Come to think of it. There are a million reasons for us to smile. And these reasons are the ones we almost always overlook. Most of the time, we only need the simplest things in life for us to wear that priceless smile.

designing a christmas wreath

Designing a Christmas wreath has always been in my mind. At the malls, I am amazed to see how stylists conceptualize its design and colors. At Dapitan Arcade in Quezon City, I saw a lot of export-quality Christmas wreaths which I wanted to grab right away to hang at home. However, I thought designing my own would be challenging yet fun and rewarding. So how does one create a DIY Christmas wreath? Here's how I made mine.

Materials Needed:
- wreath of any size (made of plastic garland or fine twigs)
- green Christmas balls (frosted, matte, glossy)
- green flower and twigs
- silver twigs
- other green and silver ornaments
- glue gun
- glue stick
- Christmas lights (optional)

How To Do It:
1. Think of the design you want and conceptualize it. Do you want it monochromatic or of contrasting colors? Do you want it modern or old school?
2. Use only a variety of 1-2 color tones. In this wreath, I used metallic green and silver.
3. Scatter the bigger ornaments on the wreath and style it whichever way you want. When you're happy with what you see, get your glue gun and stick the ornaments carefully.
4. Get the smaller ornaments and style it around the wreathe. You may put it on the bigger ornaments to create depth. Stick them when you're ready.

Peso Power:
- 15" diameter Christmas wreath: FREE! (Old wreathe of my MIL)
- Christmas ornaments: PHP 478.50 (SM Megamall Department Store)
- glue gun: PHP 67.25 (Ace Hardware)
- glue stick: PHP 35.00 (Ace Hardware)

: PHP 580.75

If you want Christmas lights on your wreath, put if before you style your project with your ornaments. Merry Christmas everyone!


the belle de jour craze

I really tried making my own 2009 planner. I even had a few pages done, complete with inspiring quotes to get me through the coming days. However, after much contemplating on the expenses I'll have with a customized planner (printing and binding fees), I realized it will take some amount off my thin wallet. With the Belle De Jour craze present in the blogosphere, I decided to join the fad instead! It was less expensive too than having a planner customized.

Shown above is my Belle De Jour 2009 planner which I bought last Sunday at Powerbooks Megamall. The minute I took it's protective plastic cover off it, I scanned every page of the planner, making sure I made the right decision. After seeing how much of a treasure I was holding, the guilt feeling of not finishing my customized planner left me.

It's funny how obsessed I am with it. I can't wait to write on it and use the discount coupons!

*I am half-way done with my 2009 desktop calendar. That one will go to the printing shop next month, promise. Will be posting it here soon!


little angels

It took me and my girlfriends weeks before we could come up with a title for our upcoming Christmas party with the orphans. As anticipated, we decided to call it Mga Munting Anghel, or simply Little Angels in English.

Credits here.

Except for 2 of 3 games, everything is all set. My other college buddy asked her mom to shop at Divisoria yesterday for the gift items we would be distributing out for the kids. And for 15 pieces of these items: box of crayons, pencils, coloring books and puzzles, bath towels, shirts, slippers, santa's hats and loot bags --- her mom purchased them all for a Peso Power of 3,079.50! We have also finalized the food to be served during the party. We'll have McDonald's meal and a gallon of Selecta Ice Cream, all for a Peso Power of 5,200 for 35 pax. That leaves us some PHP4,000++ to buy prizes for the games and and grocery items for the orphanage!

I am so excited to see the smiles of these kids! I am sure we adults will be happier for them. To all my friends and my friends' friends volunteering themselves and their wallets --- I'm wishing you a basket full of blessings this coming new year!

catching up

After a really tiring yet an ultimate fun Leadership Training Camp with 76 class officers of our school, I am back in the city! I have a lot of catching up to do and a lot of posts to make. As a teaser, I am enumerating the upcoming posts I will be sharing with you:

1. updates on our Christmas Party with the orphans
2. Christmas postcards for our ninongs and ninangs ready for printing
3. my 2009 planner-slash-journal
4. Christmas DIY decors
5. our Leadership Training Camp photos
6. and of course, our coffee break for the week

Now, didn't I just spoil the fun by letting you know what's coming? I can't help it. I'm just too excited!


sean covey live in manila

Sean Covey, the man behind the book 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, is coming to Manila, Philippines for a 2-day teen chat. A book that drew inspiration from Stephen Covey's best-selling 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Sean's version is directed to teenagers.

Reedley International School is one of the few schools in our country that uses Covey's version in teaching Life Skills. 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens is every Reesian student's bible his whole Reedley life. And wouldn't it be great to see the book's author in person! With our school working with Ateneo De Manila and the Philippine Daily Inquirer in bringing Sean Covey in the Philippines, the faculty, staff and students of Reedley gets to attend the said event!

Click the photo to see details of Sean Covey's Teen Chat sessions on November 25-26, 2008. For ticket details, call the Ticketnet.

training at hotel pontefino

It's going to be another long and lonely weekend for me and my husband. Another Leadership Camp is happening beginning tomorrow and I will be one of the facilitators. The training will take place at Hotel Pontefino in Batangas City.

I have been to the hotel twice but never to facilitate and prefect kids and teenagers. This is going to be a tough job because of two things: first, I need to act as a peer-adult the whole time. No horsing around. No skimpy attire. No chance to wander in the area. Second, it is another night without my husband beside me. The first time it happened was during our school's summer outing at Mimosa in Clarkfield.

Although I see it as a challenging weekend, my husband is helping me look at things positively. As a mature adult amongst these young and eager minds, I get a once in a lifetime chance to discover myself more.

But yeah, I'll still bring a bag of separation anxiety with me.

printable freebies

Who would have thought a tiny mosquito could make me step out of my office for 30minutes, affecting my counseling sessions with my kids. It bit me on my left cheek which freaked me out. The end result, the maintenance crew in our school sprayed an insecticide and I was asked to leave my office while the chemical settled. What is left for me to do? Search the internet for some printable freebies w
orth sharing to my blogmates! Click on the links to have your share!

creating destiny

Yet another post to share with the blogosphere my thought-provoking YM shoutout:

It is in the
you and I make everyday
that help


reaching a crossroad

As stated in my previous post, my photo buddy Carlos and I have reached a crossroad in our upcoming photo exhibit. We would now like the blogosphere to help us decide on an interesting title for the said event. Please do accomplish the form below. We provided 3 choices. But, knowing you all have the knack for words, you may suggest your ideas too!

Click here to take our Online Survey

coffee break ver. 1.45

Hello world! What a lovely morning this is! I received 2 good news. First, I got new funds in my paypal account. And second, our 13th month pay is reflected in our ATM payroll accounts today!

What's next? Christmas shopping! The other day, my husband and I were updating our Christmas Gift List. With a number of loved ones and a big group of friends and godchildren, Christmas shopping can truly be challenging. One has to consider several factors such as one's budget, the inflation rate and the personality of the gift-receiver. Whatever factors a gift-giver considers, what's important is for us to avoid the Christmas rush and enjoy the feeling of sharing one's blessings this holiday season. Merry Christmas blogmates!

Credits: Amy Teets_sun porch kit


the beauty of nature

Every person I know is aware of my love for nature. It is not surprising that the beauty of nature is what my friend Carlos and I will feature in our photo exhibit in January of next year.

For days now, however, we have reached a crucial part of our upcoming debut in photography. We have yet to finalize the title of our exhibit! Yikes! I seem to have lost touch of my literary skills. Other than Beauty of Nature, I can't seem to come up with a shortlist of interesting titles to choose from. I do have some phrases whispering in my boring head, but I find them a bit corny.

The Beauty of Nature. Heaven on Earth. Landscape and Seascape. Nature's Hues. Blogmates, help me out! What should we call our photo exhibit?

home furnishings

The other weekend, my husband and I entertained the possibility of enjoying condo living because of its practicality and conduciveness. A stone's throw away from where we are living now was a condo unit which offered amenities suited to our needs at a really affordable price. The only thing left for us to think of was choosing home furnishings for it.

In choosing home furnishings such as room furnitures, home accessories and light fixtures, I see the importance of searching the internet for a decor buying guide. With a decor buying guide acquainting you with the basics of home furnishings, you definitely will be able to compare the essentials of functionality and artistry. In condo living, space is a relevant matter and choosing each furniture is of high priority. But you wouldn't want to sacrifice creativity and craftsmanship, right?

A home is a resting place where one can wear her hair down and simply be herself. While it matters to have a happy and loving family dwell in it, having furnitures that suit each individual's personality is also vital.


witnessing obama's induction

On the 20th of January 2009, the United States of America will inaugurate its 44th president. Such a historic event it would be. A lot of individuals would definitely want to witness that. It's a By-Invitation-Only event and what a wonderful news it is to learn that 2 Filipino students were invited to witness the significant event!

Anna Marie Liwanag and Paul Michael Thomas Cruz, graduates of Reedley International School, must have been in such high-spirits the very moment they read the letters from the University Presidential Inaugural Conference (UPIC). Rubbing elbows with Barack Obama, the first African-American president of the most powerful nation --- what else can these youth ask for?

Read the full story HERE.

delighted and elated

This is how I look like this Thank-God-It's-Friday. Delighted. Elated. Beaming with a huge, bright smile!

Imagine opening your mailbox only to discover another paid blog opportunity for $9.00. On my first paid post, I earned $10.00 for writing an unbiased entry about candle-making! According to my research, that isn't so bad for a starter like me.

It pays to be patient. It pays to be diligent. It pays to be untiring. For in the end, the harvest is abundant. Like what my Yahoo Messenger shoutout used to says, "There is no One Giant Step... But there are a LOT of LITTLE STEPS."

Happy Friday blogmates!


engaging creative ideas

When it rains, it pours. This saying must have been used gazillion times before but yes, I am using it. Allow me to, as I have been busy engaging myself with an outpour o
f creative ideas.

It started with a stressful Tuesday when I had to attend to a nu
mber of meetings, accept leading committees for 2 major projects and my sisters bugging me with endless text messages. I felt my shoulders getting really heavy that I wanted to go home and take a nap. And then I thought of being proactive, to not let things affect and ruin my day. So how did I handle the stress? Search the net for inspiring digiscrap projects!

Digiscrap blogs. Digiscrapping sites. Digiscrap online stores. Name it, I might h
ave been there. And the end result? Aside from destressing myself, I was flooded with digiscrapping ideas! Come to think of it, in a few more weeks, we'll start another year. Why not make a customized 2009 desktop calendar and my own journal! If I haven't been too keen in updating my posts here, still leave your comments and I would get back to you. In the meantime, I'll be spending more minutes and hours with my best buddy, Mr. Adobe Photoshop. Below is a finished project I found truly inspiring. I hope I finish making something like this.


coffee break ver. 1.44

There is something about Reality Shows that keeps me glued on the television. It must be the overwhelming display of emotions or the freudian slips that are evident in every episode. Every reality show is an opportunity for us to observe the human behavior. For school counselors like me, seeing these people be themselves on boob-tube is a lucky chance for us to understand human nature.

Beauty and the Geek. Survivor. The Ultimate Fighter. These are my favorite reality shows. What's on your list?

Credits: Kate Hadfield_in the pink kit


life is a series of struggles

In preparation of my first photo exhibit, I revisited all the albums in my computer, searching for worth-displaying pictures. Carlos, my other photography buddy at work who will be featured at the exhibit the same week as me, thought of having Nature as our main theme. While I searched for photos showing nature's great landscape, I was surprised to see this shot I took of my brother in Grande Island, Subic. I used the blue sky as the backdrop. And as I marveled on it, I thought it would be nice to scrap it!

Credits here.

Life is a series of struggles to those who whine
and a box of presents to those who appreciate.

Sending shoutouts to my blogmates who congratulated me on my upcoming debut photo exhibit. Thankies dear friends! Hugs to you all. Woohoo!

kiko off the shores

As expected, Kiko Rustia was voted out last night as the Chalam Tribe decided in GMA 7's Survivor Philippines. And it brought diverse reactions .

Betrayal. That was the main plot last night. The twist of events may be believed as the greatest betrayal in Philippine TV. My mobile phone kept vibrating last night as my brother ranted over how Kiko's former tribemates in Naak, Chris and Kaye, used their emotions rather than their minds allowing Marlon, the epitome of nastiness in the show, sway them. If you read blogs now, people have been cursing Marlon for his awfully disgusting attitude shown on national TV. Read what happened last night HERE.

I can't wait for Marlon to be voted out. I am curious if he will have regular TV appearances just like the other castaways. He may be offered a slot in a drama series as a villain, which would obviously be a natural thing for him. In the meantime, while everyone goes psycho over Marlon, my husband will treat me at Taco Bell because I won our bet on who gets voted out. Hehehe!


tagged:: friendship flower

I was tagged by Rocks with this vintage looking Friendship Flower! Thankies and a big hug for you dearie.

This tag is all about “FRIENDSHIP OFFERING” to someone whom you know, to someone whom you already knew or will know in the future, globally.

::: Start copying here:::

Here are the rules for this Tag:

1.) Copy the badge and put it on your Blog.
2.) Link back with whoever passed you this Tag.
3.) Spread this Tag to at least 7 or more Bloggers who you think you are friends with.

”And lovely are the blossoms
That are tended with great care,
By those who work unselfishly
To make the place more fair.

And like the garden blossoms,
Friendship’s flower grows more sweet
When watched and tended carefully
By those we know and meet.
And if the seed of Friendship
Is planted deep and true
And watched with understanding,
Friendship’s flower will bloom for you. “

Blogmates, feel free to grab the tag!

work for it

This is my current Yahoo Messenger shoutout and I thought of sharing it with the blogosphere:

Anything in life worth having is worth working for.

I just found it online and felt it is so timely for me to come across the line. With the recent property my husband and I discovered over the weekend, this quote is truly very inspiring.


popcorn weekend

It was a long week for me. I had to help a lot of kids with their issues and cases. Quite draining, I would admit. To ensure I pick up pieces of myself, this weekend will be a slack-mode for me. Gotta have that bag of popcorn in the grocery. Gotta catch up on my CSI NY dvd too.

Happy popcorn weekend everyone!

Clipart credits here.


On the last day of October, my husband and I went to Clark Pampanga. We were planning to look for some stuff to buy for our home. We also thought that would be a good time to see new and unfamiliar places. And look what I found! An indeed unfamiliar resting place --- for dogs!


coffee break ver. 1.43

Yesterday, Barack Obama changed world history after being elected as the first African-American president of the US. Although I do not know him personally, I can bet all the money I have in my account that his monumental presidential win is by far, his most celebrated milestone in life.

A newly-grad's first paycheck. A brilliant idea. A warm hug from an orphan. A memo stating your promotion. A first paid blog post. Your exchange of wedding vows.

I can list down several events in my life which I consider milestones. But the very recent one, was the invitation I got to have an exhibit of my photos. Being a wannabe photographer who has no formal photography training, this exhibit which will be held in January 2009, will be a very significant moment of my life. This is my debut, a historical event in my life which I would be happy to document for our future children.

Credits: Anne Langpap_citrus freeze kit
Shabby Princess_promise collection


the story of the dizzy wife

November 03 '08. Monday. 6:00 P.M.
As soon as I got home, I checked on the chores I needed to do. The very second I picked up something on the floor, I felt my world tremble. Was it our unit trembling or was it my head? Not wanting to make a big fuss out of it, I continued fixing the kitchen. And then I felt my temples throbing and my world spinning. I went straight to bed, texted my husband I was feeling dizzy and closed my eyes. As I closed my eyes, I felt my bed and everything around me spinning. I wanted total darkness and a deafening silence.

Two hours after, in panic, my husband got home, hoping I was feeling better. I wasn't. I was feeling even worse. To make it worst, he couldn't touch me. A light touch from him feels as if he was shaking me. I didn't want any movement, any noise, any light. I was sweating and my feet felt cold. And then I threw up, everything I had for lunch. I felt so sick I wanted to cry. My husband kept telling me he'll bring to the hospital. But I didn't want. I said a quiet night in deep slumber is what I need.

November 04 '08. Tuesday. 2:00 A.M.
I woke up with a dry throat. I hugged my husband and told him I was thirsty and he stood up right away. While I drank a cold glass of water, he touched my face and asked how I was feeling. I smiled and told him except for a slight headache, I was feeling so much better.

We both went back to sleep until we woke up around 10 in the morning. I texted my boss I will be absent as my husband did the same to his boss. Because I was feeling better (except for the slight headache), I sat infront of the computer and clicked on the Adobe Photoshop logo. My husband got mad, telling me I should rest and refrain from doing things that would strain my eyes. So I went back to bed and listened to my phone's playlist. Bored, I asked him to prepare food.

So that was how we spent the day. Eating.

November 05 '08. Wednesday. 9:30 A.M.
Almost everyone at work was asking me how I was. Some were even teasing me that I may be pregnant. Naah. Such dizziness is way too far from being pregnant, plus --- I just had my period. It was a different case. And Mix, a colleague, upon hearing about my dizziness and throwing-up spell, right away concluded that what happened to me was a clear sign of Astigmatism. He said he experienced exactly the same thing some years back. As soon as he said this, I texted my cousin and scheduled an appointment with him this Saturday at his clinic in St. Luke's.

As I blog now, my vision is getting blurry and cloudy. My forehead is throbbing too. Oh well. If wearing eyeglasses would truly correct this, I wouldn't mind. Really.

food for the soul 11.2008

The grand essentials of happiness are:
something to do, something to love
and something to hope for.


brighter days ahead

Moses. Aristotle. King Arthur. Edgar Allan Poe. Cher. Marilyn Monroe. Aside from all being famous, what do these men and women have in common? They were all orphans.

Wikipedia defines orphan as a child whose natural parents are absent or dead and are not able to bring him up. Yesterday, my husband and I finally got to meet the children of Tahanan ng Pagmamahal, an orphanage under the care of the Light of Jesus community.

Shown above is a photo of my husband warmly welcomed by the children. The minute they saw us, these children gave us sincere hugs and showed a lot of excitement. Each of them has a sad and depressing story to tell. Looking at their eyes, you would surely know how much they long for a family who would take care of them. The few minutes we stayed at their house made them carry cheerful smiles. As we bid them goodbye, they all shouted "Ingat at balik po kayo! (Take care and come again.)"

Tahanan ng Pagmamahal is located at Brgy. Oranbo, Pasig City, just a few blocks away from Valle Verde Country Club. I am inviting you to pay them a visit. Leave me a message so I can give you their address. Your mere presence gives them hope that there are brighter days ahead of them.

paypal funds

I am greeting the blogosphere with a huge smile today! Ask me why, quick! It's because... My paypal account has new funds! Big hugs and thankies to the few opps I get in this paid blogging business. Well, few opps is better than not getting anything at all. I better be more consistent in blogging and bidding too. Woohoo!

christmas countdown

With the All Soul's Day over, which holiday comes next? It's almost Christmas! And how many more days to sit beside the Christmas tree? Check out this cute countdown I found.


a session with the spirit questors --- part 2

A session with the Spirit Questors

We all opened our eyes, looked here and there to make sure everyone was in the circle --- confirming nobody stood up to switch the toy pumpkin light on and off. It was also made clear to us that the cold and soft wind we felt did not come from the sealed windows. There were no fans or aircons turned on. And although it felt cold, I felt sweat dripping on my temples. The cold wind was obviously made by the entities we welcomed in our circle. And what kind of entities were they?

The head spirit questor tried to communicate with the entities. Take note --- entities, in plural form. There was a water fairy, fire fairy and a dark (most probably male) entity. The water fairy was said to be good, just roaming around the house --- lying on the bed beside the husband, playing with the fax machine, watching over the couple's 5 year-old son. Although she is a good one, her presence in the house should be felt less as she develops a close attachment to the child. The dark male entity is, well, a dark and violent one --- responsible for the broken glasses and giant muddy footsteps. The fire fairy slams the doors. This one, with the dark entity, creates and deepens the conflicts of the residents in the house. So why were they there? The head questor was told they were dwelling in the couple's home because of the arising tension everyday. The arguments, yelling, conflicts, violence --- the couple's married life that was getting weaker invited them to stay in the house. So what should be done?

The couple was advised to fill their home with a good family relationship. Less fighting. Less violence. More understanding for each other. More attention and nurturing for their children, especially the young son. These will keep the dark entity and the fire fairy away from the family. They were also told to put an aquarium in the living area, a part of the house where the water fairy frequently goes to. An aquarium, or any item with water on it (painting of a water falls) will attract the water fairy and lure her away from the young son. The spirit questors reminded the couple and the rest of the group to avoid creating portals for non-human entities. Portals are their doors to our world. Below are 3 portals we humans unknowingly create:

1. a room that is hardly used (storage room, attics)
2. mirrors facing each other
3. a mirror facing a painting of a living thing (plants, persons, animals)
4. strained family relationships

A month after that night, everything was surprisingly quiet in the couple's house. Up to this day, the aquarium is still in their living room. The mirrors in the bathroom were changed to abstract glass etchings. Our experience that night seemed unimagineable --- feeling the presence of non-human entities. I didn't even think they existed. It was both scary and risky. But it definitely was a night full of learning.

*We were told by the spirit questors to change clothes and take a cold bath as soon as we got home. According to them, there had been instances when entities they've encountered followed people who joined the circle. A cold bath was said to drive them away.

the cardinal sin catholic book awards

I got a text message last night from our friend-priest who officiated our wedding.

Fr. Salvador Agualada Jr., or simply Fr. Buddy to me and my husband, is a gifted young priest who has always been passionate about writing. Back when we were still in Claret School of Quezon City, I would often ask for a copy of his homily so I could read it over and over again. His teachings are always soul-stirring, touching you to the depth of your soul. And his message last night did not come as a surprise at all --- his book entitled Stirrings of a Heart in Prayer won the Best Book in the Emerging Author Category in the Cardinal Sin Catholic Book Awards given last night during the 2008 Catholic Mass Media Awards. The criteria used was content (originality of development of topic, accuracy, clarity and organization) - 60%, writing style - 20%, and book design - 20%.

Stirrings of a Heart in Prayer is a compilation of Fr. Buddy's poetry, homilies, essays and other literary pieces. In this book, he shares to his readers his dreams, questions, experiences, hopes and a lot more about himself.

Fr. Buddy is currently the School Director of Claret School of Quezon City. Congratulations father! Gino and I hope to visit you soon.


coffee break ver. 1.42

A session with the Spirit Questors

In 2001, I joined my sister and some friends for a paranormal session with spirit questors. These were 20-something individuals who have the psychic abilities to feel, see and speak to human and non-human entities from the other world.

Our location was in Valle Verde 5, a house my architect-sister built for a client. Ever since the owners of the house (a couple with 2 kids) had frequent arguments, they began experiencing weird things --- fax machine printing on its own, loud footsteps by the hallway, slamming door, broken plates, muddy 12ft sized footprints in the living area.

After a few reminders from the questors, I found myself seated with the group, hands held as we formed a circle on the 2nd floor hallway. We were asked to close our eyes, concentrate and focus on what the head questor was saying while we sat in total darkness. I remembered how it felt so humid as I opened my eyes, checking out if everyone was really seated in the circle. And we all were! I looked at each person asking myself why was I there --- was it going to be just a waste of my time? Then the head questor suddenly said "We can't communicate with the entities because someone from the group isn't focused enough". Knowing that I was the culprit, I closed my eyes and began focusing. And then it started to rain so hard outside. It began to feel cold in our circle with a light wind blowing on our skins. As we all turned around, we noticed the windows were all sealed. As a toy pumpkin's light started to turn on and off, puzzled and scared, we all knew the entity was in our circle.

To be continued...

Credits: Lliella Designs_burnt spice sampler


november calendar

It's an off-peak season on my creative department. So here's what I made for next month's calendar. A really simple one, I must admit. The photo I used was taken in La Maison, a French restaurant in Trinoma. For journaling, I used lines from Faith Hill's song entitled Breathe. It's currently on repeat-mode in my playlist.