reedley reaches out

When Reedley reaches out to our less fortunate brothers and sisters, our students go through a life-changing experience. In just a few hours, they get to realize how blessed they are being born in their families. Yes, communication problems will always be evident on such occasions. But sometimes, a simple touch and a shy smile makes up for it.

Last week, the Tahanan ng Pagmamahal children paid our school a visit. Our students prepared a lot of games and food for them. It was heart-warming to see our flawless and sweet-smelling students cuddling and giggling with the dark-skinned orphans. Their skintones and language did not stop both camps from learning from one another.

On that fateful day, the children of Tahanan ng Pagmamahal learned how to play the Korean jackstone, chess, charades, snakes and ladders. They got to watch a magic show presented by our students. They also got to taste gourmet food. On our end, our students learned the value of sharing and gratitude.

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