fun with photos at photofunia

I love looking at photos. And I love taking photos too. It creates lasting memories. Each one brings us back in time. People have various ways of adding life to their photos. We make scrapbooks. We write captions about it. We frame them. We hang it some place where others may see it. This morning, while hopping in the blogosphere, I discovered a way to have fun with photos at Photofunia. Look at what I did!

This one looks so real.

I wonder if people will crowd over my portrait
if it was featured in an exhibit.

My wedding photo at the mall? Why not!

A photo I took used as an advertisement?
That's a dream and I would do
anything for that!

Now that I've shared this with you, it's your turn. Go have fun with Photofunia!


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this sis! I had fun myself. Here's mine - http://reejane.blogspot.com/2008/12/photofunia.html =)

Khaye said...

Hi jan, I almost blogged about this few days ago. Ms Yalung introduced the site, it's really cool! :)

Unknown said...

Create more funny graphics with your digital photos @ http://www.FotoTrix.com (over 2,500 overlay templates).

Anonymous said...

Thanks, photofunia is really nice site. Another site like this is PicJoke.com - funny photo effects - they make a new effect every day!