christmas centerpiece

Some old Christmas decors at home were collecting dust and I kept thinking how I would dispose them. Wait! What did I say again, dispose? No way, Jose. Let's recycle!!! How about making a beautiful Christmas centerpiece for the table? Sounds good to me!

Materials Needed:
- basket
- clear vase
- candle (make sure it will fit your vase)
- gold trimmings
- red poinsettias
- red crepe paper torn into pieces
- Christmas lights

How To Do It:
1. Scatter the torn pages of crepe paper on the basket. Since my poinsettias are red, I used red crepe paper.
2. Arrange the clear vase at the center of the basket. Place the candle inside the vase. Choose a plain candle in white (or follow your color scheme).
3. With the Christmas lights plugged in, arrange it beginning at the foot of the vase to the edges of the basket. Make sure that the basket is well lit by scattering the lights around it.
4. When you're done placing the Christmas lights, put the red poinsettias at the base of the basket with its petals hanging at the edges. To add some color, layer the gold trimmings around the body of the vase.
5. Dim the lights in your dining area and light your candle. Voila! You have your DIY Christmas centerpiece!

Peso Power:
- 17" diameter Christmas basket: FREE! (old native fruit basket)
- 10 red poinsettias: FREE! (old stuff from my MIL)
- red crepe paper: FREE! (old stuff in my cabinet)
- gold trimmings: PHP 90.00 (Tiangge)
- Christmas lights: PHP 50.00 (Tiangge)
- plain white candle 6" x 2.5": PHP 67.00 (Wax and Candle Store)


Creating this DIY centerpiece was so consumer-friendly because it took just a small amount from Christmas budget. But the end product looked really elegant!

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